Updated Feb 23, 2019:  Time slots were adjusted for the Weekend Bounty tournaments. The Knockout & Nightcap have been moved to 8pm & 9pm ET respectively. 

Password for all buyin tournaments is THR (all caps)

Freebuy password is available in Chat one hour before tournament start. 

thr schedule 02 23 2019

Thank You for Supporting THR!!

Your donations are used for bounties and prizes for our community. 

Donate via Paypal

Donations are accepted via Paypal. It is quick, easy and they accept all major credit cards. 100% of your donations go toward bounties and prizes. If you would like a specific person as a bounty, make note of how you want your contribution to be allocated in the form for your donation.

P2P Funds on ACR

All ACR P2P donations  should go through Seaeyes, her ACR screen name is also Seaeyes

If you want your donations to go for a specific purpose, then please talk with Seaeyes in chat. She will direct those funds as specified.