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December 2018 Final Leaderboards

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Monday & Tuesday results are in the books. 

Sprocket & ElKapitan take down the Wins

SteelCrafter hangs onto lead




Monday results in the books. Tuesday is pending.

MityAces takes down the Win on Monday

Badb0iie leading in all 3 categories




Redux results are in the books

ActionDan takes down the Win

Wrenchturn still hangs onto lead

Points Scale


State of the Bounty - Dec 2018

December Bounty Recap

The last month of 2018 expectedly took a slight dip in total donations due to the Holidays. Members donated a combined $223.70 for the Freebuy and Bounty Bonanza games.

A total of $380.80 was offered throughout the month for bounties and special prizes in both games with $287.30 or 75%  being claimed by our members.

Of course, our biggest night was the Holiday Jubilee with offered awards of $175.20 in the Freebuy (includes $100 Gtd payout) and another $16.00 in the Bounty Bonanza! A great time was had by all with 384 runners in the Freebuy!

With a Christmas present from Raddeckel, Christmas night saw another $26.60 in prizes and bounties offered up for the Bounty Bonanza game.

Year End Recap

Since I started keeping track of the Freebuy funds in mid July, our members have donated over $1000.00 with $970 being awarded to the THR family in the form of bounties and other prizes!!!

You folks are what makes THR successful night after night. Please consider a donation to THR next time you catch a nice win. Every little bit helps keep the bounty pool funded!

Donations can be made directly to steve22055 through the ACR P2P or by sending it through the Support THR banner on our homepage at TexasHoldemRadio.Com. Contact one of the Mods if you need help!


December’s Donor Hall of Fame

4k3d1w - BenjiSnoopy - Bricxjo

Echomsp - fupaysick - Gmbler323 - Heathencore

MerlinCN - MrLaufer - PotFan420

Raddeckel - ReignofFire - Robjcar48 - SeanieNoFish


If you see them strolling around THR, let them know how much we all appreciate their support!


B-side/Redux 9-Game Shootout (Jan 2019) 

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Game #1 - The B-Side 1/2/2019

The_Artist took down the first Shootout win Wednesday night and his prize was $27.90!!

SteelCrafter took down 2nd place for $18.60. Steel was last month's Shootout winner and is off to a good start this go-round.

SeanieNoFish took home 3rd place for $9.30 and ChuckNola grabbed 4th for $6.20. Chuck is our latest member at THR & welcome to the family!

Game #2 - The Redux 1/4/2019

Wrenchturn takes down the Win on Friday for $22.00. Combined with his 6th place finish on Wednesday, he jumps out to a big lead out of the gate. VGG Wrench!!

GPeppin got a piece of the pie too with his 2nd place finish for $13.20. He moves into the third slot.

DPolerio grabbed the 2nd slot with his 3rd place finish for $8.80. 

The_Artist3 was a no-show Friday and slips into a virtual 3-way tie with Peppin & Polerio. RadioWade made an appearance though and took down 9th place. 

Game #3 - The B-Side 1/9/2019

SeanieNoFish took down the Win for $24.00!! He moves into the 2nd slot.

The_Artist3 is back with a 2nd place finish for $14.40 and moves into the 3rd slot. 

Wrenchturn took down 3rd place for $9.60. This is his 3rd Top-6 appearance and is sitting atop the leaderboard now.

Game #4 - The Redux 1/11/2019

ActionDan took down the Win for $25.00 Friday night. This moves him into the 5th slot!

DPolerio finished in 2nd for $15.00. He moves up big time into the 2nd slot on the board. 

JimboAAkimbo took 3rd for $10.00.

Wrenchturn adds a little to his lead with a 7th place finish. 

Freebuy Leaderboard (Jan 2019)

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Week #3


Sprocket takes down the Win Monday night for $5.89. This finish moves him into the 2nd slot on the board behind SteelCrafter. Steel padded his lead with a 12th place finish. 

CheckRaise1 took down 2nd place for $3.63. 

And SquigglesDownUnder took down 3rd for $2.60. This finish moves Squiggles up into the 13th slot. 


ElKapitan makes his third FT appearance with a Win on Monday night for $5.36. He will squeeze into the 3rd slot on the board.

Runabout took down 2nd place for $3.31. This is her first FT appearance this month and she moves into the 5th slot on the board. 

And Ksoslow took 3rd place for $2.35. 

Weekly & Monthly recaps are archived for your viewing pleasure. See the THR Leaderboards site.

Bonanza Leaderboard (Jan 2019)

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Week #3


If it was Red, it was a bounty. All of the Redshirts had $1.00 bounties for the night. When Dunner was informed of his pending bounty, he said "Wasn't planning on playing. I guess I better go get registered then"! What a trooper! 

There was also another anonymous donation for the $2.00 Last Lady Standing prize.  You may have noticed this prize coming up every now and then.  Prizes like this are made possible by donors like you! Please consider a donation via PayPal form on the homepage or P2P funds to a mod.

MityAces took down the Win Monday night. With 7 KOs, his total take home was $8.77!!

DamnThtSweet was our Last Lady Standing, Congrats Baby!! She had a 5 KO 5th place finish & with $2 prize her total on the night was $4.87.

Jay_Supreme took down a 6 KO 2nd place finish. One of those KOs was an unclaimed $1 Redshirt Bounty. Without the added bounty, he did take home $6.03.

JimboAAkimbo took down a modest 3 KO 3rd place for $3.99.

Legdil crushed with the game high 8 KOs. His 4th place finish netted him $4.16. 

MsPaco had only 2 bounties, but one of them was a $1 Redshirt Bounty.

NoSweatGamin & AmirossBA each KOed a $1 Redshirt Bounty, both went unclaimed. They did walk away with a few KOs on the night, so not a total loss! 

No major moves on the leaderboard. Badb0iie is still our current points, winnings and KO leader. 

Top 3  Winnings & KO  leaders are now highlighted on the leaderboard.


Results pending.

Weekly & Monthly recaps are archived for your viewing pleasure. See the THR Leaderboards site.