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in the spotlight


Week #3 in the books!

Raddeckel takes Winnings lead from Steve22055.

MrLaufer with deep finishes, remains in #1.


Week #3 in the books!

Shaazy retakes points lead, back in driver's seat.

SingMe gains on the top Queen spot.


Week #3 in the books!

ReignOfFire & MrLaufer hit their 5th FTs in Friday Redux.

MrLaufer gains a little on Fire's top spot. 

Points Scale

State of the Bounty - April 2019

April Bounty Pool Recap

Once again, our members have shown their love for THR and the games we enjoy playing every night!!!

We had 38 donations, from 25 different individuals, with a combined total of $844.79 for the Freebuy and Bounty Bonanza games! A little over 76% ($643) of this amount was donated by three members alone! We offered up a total of $534.05 of which 72% or $385.10 was paid out for bounties in April to our members! That left $148.95 (28%) unclaimed and carried over to May’s balance. We did have to use some funds this month for unexpected failed equipment but our bounty pool is stronger than ever!!!

Major thanks to everyone who helps to make THR so successful every day of every month! Without our members we are nothing!!

April’s Hall of Fame

The following members donated to THR throughout the month and deserve a round of applause! If you see them, please let them know how much they are appreciated

badb0iie, BenjiSnoopy, braindamageoy, cariesky, dpolerio, echomsp, gpeppin, INeedFreedom, Lendo777, lignerant131, MerlinCN, MrLaufer, raddeckel, RadioWade, Ravarros, reignoffire, rjs1275, robjcar48, robt233, seanienofish, singmeatune, smokecifer, vegasbound10, wrenchturn, yardbird


Freebuy Leaderboard (May 2019)

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Week #3


A fantastic prize pool last Monday night. It hit an impressive $36.80 which is a high for the month!!

Wrenchturn took down the Win on Monday night for $8.28!! He moves into the top ten and takes over the Winnings lead!

GroundControl took down 2nd for $4.96.

AzRic (aka NMCowboy) took down 3rd for $3.79.

ReignOfFire took down 4th place for $2.85 and moves into the #3 slot on the board behind MrLaufer & Shaazy, both have stalled this week. 


For the 2nd night in a row, the Freebuy Prize Pool was huge with $36.20.  

Raddeckel took down the Win on Tuesday night for $8.14!!

Pokerhack took down 2nd for $4.88.

Finkel took down 3rd for $3.72,

Steve22055 (aka Dunner) retakes his Winnings lead after bubbling the FT for 59 cents. That's enuf to get back around Wrenchturn after his win the night before. 


Prize pool was not too shabby and came in at $32.80!

MickGreedy took down the Win on Wednesday for $7.38!

Cassiopeia stars were in alignment with a 2nd place finish for $4.42.

klicklicboom took down 3rd for $3.37. He also claime a sweet $4.00 bounty on Papa 77!! 

MrLaufer hit his 5th FT appearance with an 8th place finish. He extends his lead atop the board and closes in on Steve22055's Winnings lead. 

Benitwapasu claimed the $6.00 On-Air Bounty for Raddeckel

And Sir Gobbles collected the other $4.00 Bounty for


Kind of slow night on Thursday with only 198 runners, but the prize pool hit $28.60. 

Danrob748 took down the Win on Thursday for $6.43!

GuidoDavidl took down 2nd for $3.86.

Seaeyes took down 3rd for $2.94. This is Sea's 2nd consecutive FT appearance (5th on Wednesday) and she climbs the board into the #5 slot. 

Tonght’s $4.00 bounties were on steve22055 (ko’ed by parmer30) and MrLaufer (ko’ed by balldon’tlie)

A young lady who shall remain nameless but could be used in the same phrase as Barbie ____ anonymously placed a $5.00 bounty on RadioWade and Chief talking bull walked away the victor collecting his prize!


Sin_City took down the Win on Friday for $7.11! Tack on another $6.00 On-Air Bounty for BlueJeanie and he took home an impressive $13.11! Nice payday.

Raddeckel took down 2nd for $4.26. This finish catapults him into the #3 slot on the board and takes over the Winnings lead from Steve22055. 

Echomsp took down 3rd for $3.25.

Addional $3.00 after add-on bounties were on Reinhardt (unclaimed) and steve22055 (ko’ed by Marysoprano).

Weekly & Monthly recaps are archived for your viewing pleasure. See the THR Leaderboards site.

Bonanza Leaderboard (May 2019)

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Week #3


Damnthtsweet (aka YeahBaby) took down a 6 KO Win on Monday night for $7.90! One of her KOs was the $6.00 FT Chip Leader bounty on Turnkey. She elected to roll that back into the Freebuy/Bonanza funds. 

MrLaufer took down a sweet 9 KO 2nd place finish for $6.36. One of the KOs was a $2.00 Snipe bounty on CoreyDH for total take home of $8.36, very sweet!

Yanggang2020 took down a 0 KO 3rd for $2.74. What? No kills? Bound to happen from time to time. 

The other $2.00 Snipe bounty was taken down by TpaWorkr in his first Bonanza game of the month!  He had just the 1 KO in his 9th place finish, but might as well make it count!! 


It was Lady's Night at the Bonanza!! While Dunner handled all of their musical requests, we had two Mystery bounties on BenjiSnoopy and CrazySteph all while vying for a Last Bandita prize! Another wild night at the Bonanza, and our gals did not dissapoint. VGGs all!!

TpaWorkr took down  a 9 KO Win for $8.78!

Raddeckel took down a 4 KO 2nd place finish for $5.22. One of the KOs was the $4.00 FT bounty on  BenjiSnoopy which he elected to roll back into the fund. 

Stevencoker took down a 9 KO 3rd place for $5.26.

Shaazy continues to dominate all things Bonanza with his 6th FT appearance. He took down an 8 KO 4th place finish for $4.01. He did miss claiming the $2.00 Mystery bounty on CrazySteph (11th). 

Meanwhile, MrLaufer took down 12th place and remains in the #2 slot on the board.  BenjiSnoopy may have missed the Last Bandita prize, but her 2 KO 7th place finish keeps her up top in the #3 slot as she looks for her 4th consecutive title. 

And MarySoprano was our Last Bandita Standing on Taco Tuesday!! She took down a 4 KO 5th place finish for a combined take home of $5.50! Congrats Mary.


Singmeatune took down an 8 KO Win on Wednesday for $7.66! She also picked up the $4.00 FT Snipe bounty on Kcorbee for a total take home of $11.66, VGG Sing!!

Kcorbee took down a 5 KO 2nd place for $5.07.

Damnthtsweet (oooh baby) took down a 2 KO 3rd for $2.79.

ReignOfFire captured 4th place and moves into the #3 slot ahead of Shady Slim. 

Our other two bounties were left unclaimed, $2.00 Snipe bounty for StevenCoker and a $3.00 Chip Leader bounty for Finkel. In the case of the latter, Finkel finished in 18th which is probably the lowest finish for a Chip Leader bounty. 


Tweezer_Reraise took down a sweet 11 KO Win on Thursday for $9.08! One of those KOs was an unclaimed $6.00 FT Chip Leader bounty on Tgeezee. 

Sureok hit the corral with a 4 KO 2nd place finish for $5.09.

Parmer30 took down a 4 KO 3rd for $3.92.

Legdil got a little extra with his 4 KO 6th place finish. He scooped up a $2.00 bounty on Shady Slim for total take home of $4.07.

BenjiSnoopy hits her 6th FT appearance with a 9th place finish. This moves her into the #2 slot on the board as she slips past MrLaufer. 

The $2.00 bounty on Shaazy was left unclaimed by Wavega. 


pAAtrician96 took down a 5 KO Win on Friday for $7.82! One of the KOs was a biggy, he picked off the $6.00 FT Chip Leader bounty on MalarD during heads up! Sweet $13.82 payday. WTG!!

MalarD took down a nice 10 KO 2nd place for $6.88.

Shaazy712 took down a 6 KO 3rd for $4.78.  He also laid claim to the $4.00 FT Snipe bounty on MrLaufer (9th place). Total take home was a nice $8.78. VGG Shaaz!! This was the Shaaz's 7th FT appearance, he extends his points lead and is in total command across all categories again. 

Raddeckel took down a 5 KO 8th place finish for $2.12.  One of the KOs was a $2.00 Snipe bounty on Shady Slim, which he always rolls back into the fund -- GG Radd & thanx again!! Radd moves into the #7 slot on the board. 

SingMeATune gains a little on the top Queen spot with her 2 KO 11th place finish. She moves into the #6 slot. 

We had a $3.00 ITM Bubble Prize and Dpolerio laid claim to that little nugget.

And our $3.00 Last Bandita Standing prize went to QAD who took down a 4 KO 6th place. Total take home for the night was a sweet $5.20. GG girl!! This was QAD's very first Bonanza this month, and what an entrance!

Weekly & Monthly recaps are archived for your viewing pleasure. See the THR Leaderboards site.

B-side/Redux Leaderboard (May 2019) 

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Week #1

Wednesday B-side 5/1/2019

  1.  Acesfull212 $11.00
  2. Reignoffire $6.60
  3. rjs1275 $4.40

Friday Redux 5/3/2019

  1. reignoffire $15.00
  2. mrlaufer $9.00
  3. billymajik $6.00

Raddeckel sponsored a $5.00 bounty on RadioWade in the game and captured his prey by himself. Raddeckel claimed it but rolled it back to the bounty pool!

Thanks for your continued support Ray!


ReignOfFire's 2nd & 1st place finishes jumps him into the early lead.

MrLaufer has two FTs as well to move into the #2 slot. 

Week #2

Wednesday B-side 5/8/2019

  1. Bricxjo $23.00! Moves him into the log jamb at #6 slot with a few folks.
  2. The_Artist3 $13.80
  3. 1ACRPLAY1 $9.20. Moves her into the #5 slot
  4. ReignOfFire. No cash, but with his 3rd FT appearance ... pads that #1 slot by a lot. 

Friday Redux 5/10/2019

  1. actiondan4 $18.00
  2. 1ACRPLAY1 $10.80
  3. The_Artist3 $7.20


ReignOfFire hit his 3rd and 4th FT this week to extend his lead atop the board. 

Both MrLaufer & 1ACRPLAY1 hit their 3rd FT in a bid for the top spot. 

Bricxjo's one Win still holds reign on top Winnings title.

Week #3

Wednesday B-side 5/15/2019

  1. islandtime21 $14.00
  2. ReignOfFire $8.40
  3. dpolerio $5.60

Friday Redux 5/17/2019

  1. jimmy418 $19.00
  2. islandtime21 $11.40
  3. OccupyWeed $7.60


Both ReignOfFire and MrLaufer hit their 5th FT in the Redux on Friday night. MrL gains a little on Fire for the number one spot. 


Weekly & Monthly recaps are archived for your viewing pleasure. See the THR Leaderboards site.

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