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Freebuy Results Delayed by 24 Hours!!

The Online Poker Tournament Results service that ACR provides hit a snag in its reporting. That is to say, the results for the Freebuy are 24 hours behind. They are informed and we are still awaiting a resolution.

UPDATE, PLEASE READ: I keep getting questions in Chat from people wondering why their game from the previous night did not report their X place finish. The reason is because there is a delay in the reporting. This cannot be helped at the moment. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

State of the Bounty - October Edition

October was another good month for bounty and prize giveaways with over $175 awarded to 37 different THR members in the Freebuy alone. Shaazy712 was the big bounty winner for the month with a total of $12.50 claimed for three bounties.

I can’t stress enough the importance of spending your poker evening in chat and listening to the radio with us. An additional $88 went unclaimed for bounties in October. That would sure look nice in someone’s bankroll!

Our bounties are based on donations from you folks, our members! Please consider a donation to the THR Bounty Pool to continue the fun that we all have chasing those pesky bounties! Donations can be made directly to steve22055 through the ACR P2P or by sending it through the Support THR banner on our homepage at TexasHoldemRadio.Com. Contact one of the Mods if you need help!

Without each and every one of you, we wouldn’t be THR! Thank you for your continued support!!!

Our very special friends in October who continue to support THR are

ArmyRet2014 - Boyd94 - ddg373 - dpolerio - DragonKing39

formertroll - Humpster - gmbler - merlincn - raddeckel

RadioWade - Redfish999 - reinhardt

robjcar48 - Shady Slim - Dunner

and wickedclown.

If you see them strolling around THR, let them know how much we all appreciate their support!

in the spotlight

Badb0iie captures 2nd win in Freebuy

and takes over Winnings lead

Shaazy takes Points lead in Freebuy!

Dpolerio captures huge win in Bonanza GOTW

 and takes Winnings lead on Friday night!

Freebuy Leaderboard (November 2018)

Week #3


Badb0iie makes his 2nd FT appearance and takes down the win Monday night. He went head-to-head with DamnThtSweet (aka YeahBaby) in her first FT of the month. Seaeyes gains on the lead with her second FT appearance finish for 8th place.


BBigKev took down the tournament Tuesday night. He went head-to head with  Shaazy who is running well of late. The Shaaz's 2nd place finish gives him a big boost in the rankings and is currently in third.

Jampar gets a big boost to take over the points lead with yet another 3rd place finish. This is Jampar's 5th FT appearance for the month and he is currently in 2nd for winnings. He is about one Kennedy short of the displaced  MarineCJ at the moment.


Badb0iie takes down his 2nd win for the month. Moves up into second slot and takes the Winnings lead. MarySoprano makes her first FT of the month. 


Off-and-on member Dakota2472 took down the win Thursday night. Dakota has been with us for 18 months and maybe this win will get him to join us more often. Congrats!!

MarineCJ's 11th place finish is enough to retake the 2nd slot and gain ground on Jampar. The biggest gainer was Raddeckel with his 2nd place finish. He moves into the 3rd slot and is in Jampar and MarineCJ's rear view mirrors. Remember that objects are closer than they appear!

Making their 2nd FT appearances Thursday were Wrenchturn and Runabout. Both climb up the ladder ever so slightly on the leaders. Also gracing us with her presence at the FT was Joy!! This is Joy's first FT appearance for the month and is always a treat when she is there. Plus we got to listen to the Joy Just Jams show.  A little less talk and a lot more rock. 


Some old faces made Friday's Final Table for the first time this month.  Hicandturkey took down the win and RobJCar finished in 3rd. They have only played in a handful of games this month making this FT an unique event for them to show up together. 

More unique were the Three Amigas WoohooSueDoyles, Runabout and DamnThtSweet who finished in 5th, 6th and 7th respectively. Our ladies of the Freebuy came in together and left together with well played games. Runabout's finish gives her a big boost up the ladder and she is currently sitting in 7th on the board. 

Biggest gainer was Shaazy however. His 2nd place finish gives him the lead by a nose. He is 10 points ahead of Jampar. There are only 450 points separating the top five positions which includes Raddeckel, MarineCJ and Badb0iie

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Bonanza Leaderboard (November 2018)



In only his second game of the month, StudiedVirus picks up the win Monday night. Wrenchturn gains a little ground with his 5th place finish. The most notable gain was ActionDan's 3rd place finish. This is Dan's third straight Top-6 appearance and gains 400 points on SteelCrafter who finished in 12th. 


Koa27 did not make the FT Tuesday night, but walked off with another 6 KO notches on his gun belt. Badboy23 re-entered the tournament after being KOed as a roulette bounty and went on for a 7th place finish. He gains on the lead. 

ActionDan bubbles the FT after 3 straight Top-6 appearances, but gains on the lead a little bit more as well. He added another 4 KO notches on his belt for a net total of $4.00 on the night.

 StudiedVirus picks off a roulette bounty and a 3rd place finish for a net of $6.65 on the night. He has asked that the bounty be rolled over. You can call this a rollover of a rollover, because those bounties went unclaimed last week.

In her first Bonanza game of the month, BlueJeanie went head-to-head with Raddeckel. Raddeckel came out on top with a huge, long overdue win. He netted $8.94 on the night and a spot on the roulette wheel!! Good luck with that Radd!! =) 

Tuesday was Bounty Roulette night. There were THREE $3.00 bounties in the mix on SteelCrafter, Pakal and Badboy23. Shady Slim subbed for Pakal, who was MIA.


After a little bit of a slump, SteelCrafter takes down the win Wednesday night to increase his points lead. This is Steel's first win for the month and may not be his last.

Raddeckel gets a 3rd place finish after his win Tuesday. Radd is running hot over his last five games and has amassed 2805 points and $14.50 in winnings. He ekes past Dpolerio for the third spot on the board.

Thursday GOTW - Bounty, bounty, who has the bounty

With what has to be the most stubbornest $3.00 to get rid of,  we finally got to pay StudiedVirus' bounties out. The first mystery bounty (Shady Slim) was captured by Raddeckel. The second mystery bounty was not to be revealed until much later in the game. 

NOTICE: From this point forward, all funds donated by StudiedVirus will be checked for magnets and hidden boomerangs. The NSA, TSA and the BSA will be screening any and all funds he provides. =)

Some of the more likelier suspects such as MrLaufer and Raddeckel finally fell. But no cigar. Both did walk away with 6 KO notches to add to their belts. 

Speaking of Raddeckel, he bubbled the money spot with an 8th place finish and total take home of $3.00 on the night. Radd is on a very good 6-day run right now and moving up the board in both categories very quickly.

Two more suspects MarineCJ and Shaazy finished in the money, but still no cigar. Both did gain on the points leader quite a bit however and are considered to be armed and dangerous. Approach with caution!

It finally came down to two players -- Dpolerio and Badb0iie, with the edge going to Badb0iie who knew he was facing the mystery bounty across the table. Dpolerio fought hard and overtook Badb0iie in the end to take home his own bounty! 

Dpolerio's win was huge in other respects. He took over 2nd place on the board and is only 700 points behind our leader SteelCrafter now. He also moves into the 3rd spot for Winnings and is in position to overtake ActionDan in that department. 

But none of that compares to how Dpol became the mystery bounty in the first place. He was the only one to request that duty on Thursday after a request was made for volunteers! So hats off to our little punster. Job well done!!


Welcome new THR member Woods1 to his first Bonanza. He took down the win on Friday and I am pretty sure that a lot of us had a run-in with this sharp shooter. Woods collected a massive 13 KOs on the night and walked away with a total haul of $8.40 in loot. The only person that came close to that amount was Ms Paco who garnered 5 KOs on the night.

In his second Bonanza game of the month Thamagiciann made his second Top-6 appearance with a 2nd place finish. That is a lot of seconds.

Coming off of his 2nd win in the Bonanza Thursday night, Dpolerio puts on another great show for us all. He out-distanced all of the leaders with a 4th place finish. This is his 5th Top-6 appearance and is tied with SteelCrafter in that department. 

Dpolerio moves past Raddeckel to take over the 2nd spot on the board and is a mere 200 points behind SteelCrafter. He also surpassed ActionDan in the winnings category and is now our current leader by 27 cents. 

We are past the half-way point in the Bonanza schedule with only 10 games left. Good luck to all!! 


Weekly & Monthly recaps are archived for your viewing pleasure. See the THR Leaderboards site.