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Congratulations to MarineCJ Tuesday night!!

Marine took down both the Freebuy & Bonanza for a total haul of $14.48!


Freebuy Leaderboard (October 2018)

Week #3 Spotlight

Jampar extends his points lead with a 4th place finish Monday night. This is his 4th FT appearance for the month!  He is is also leading the winnings category as well ($12.18).

DragonKing has his 1st FT appearance and a win Monday night.  

After hiatus, fellow red-shirt SteelCrafter is back with a 5th place finish on Monday night. Welcome back Steel and very nice entrance!!

Game of the Week - Call in the Marine

Freebuy results 10/16/2018

WoohooSueDoyles was  one of our $3 bounties Tuesday night when she headed to the final table with a nice chip stack. Sue was crushing it all night.  She has already proven herself a skillful hunter in the Bonanza last week.  Can she capture her own bounty on this night?

JimboAAkimbo and 2rockets2 were in the hunt, but fell a little short. Their 4th and 5th place finishes, respectively, give them a boost into the top ten and a little bit closer to the top spot.

SingMeATune took a 9th place finish Tuesday  to jump into the 2nd place spot. She has now cashed 9 out her 10 games this month! 

After the dust settled, there were just two left -- MarineCJ  and WoohooSue.  This had a ring of familiarity to it. After some fact checking, these two duked it out in the first week of the Bonanza as well. They both had just taken out the bounties at the final table and went head-to-head. 

MarineCJ was unwilling to give up and went on to take down the wins for both games. Nice job Marine. Valiant efforts by Sue too.  Good games all!

The most notable event of this game is that MarineCJ also won the Bonanza tonight -- bifecta!!

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Bonanza Leaderboard (October 2018)

Week #3 Spotlight

MarineCJ and PSNyteowl pick up where they left off last week with two well played games Monday night. Marine finished 5th over Owl in 8th for a modest gain in points. The battle did not stop there. Marine and Owl went head-to-head in the Tuesday night game and is our Game of the Week. 

Jimmy418 (aka 420opponent) who is tearing it up in the Freebuy had a 1st place finish Monday night. This caps off a current 3-day run of Top-6 appearances. 

Game of the Week - Clash of the Titans

Bonanza results

After two great games by MarineCJ and PSNyteowl Monday night, they entered Tuesdays game with piddly-points separating them atop the leaderboard. 

Both made the final table with Seaeyes and SteelCrafter.  Seaeyes is another points leader in the thick of things at the top. Steel, brother red-shirt, is off to a good start after a little hiatus. 

Eventually it came down to just Marine and the Owl.   Marine took it down in the end. He had a monster haul of $8.99 with that win. Nice payday, but there is more.

Another thing that makes this game notable is that MarineCJ also won the Freebuy tonight -- bifecta!!

Weekly & Monthly recaps are archived for your viewing pleasure. See the THR Leaderboards site.