State of the Leaderboards  

After the ACR software upgrade last May, all tournament results have to be manually entered.

The Bonanza leaderboard continues with one exception, individual KO data is unavailable. Total KO awards are available and included in total prize dollar evaluations. 

The Bside/Redux leaderboard is suspended.

The Freebuy leaderboard continues by gleaning the top 50 finishers. If payouts exceed 50 players, the stats will be included for winnings totals.

We may need help with screenshots of the Freebuy lobby as those positions get reported -- any help in this department would be appreciated.

The Bonanza (currently) is being entered live as the tournament progresses. You will actually see the leaderboard update through the night every 5 minutes.

In the Spotlight




Friday night results are in!!

Oliblaha takes down win on Friday

Plus the Lady Battle Royale between CrazySteph & Ceriminias! 


Friday is in the books!!

CrazySteph is Last Bandita with a big Win on Friday

Steve22055 retakes winnings slot with 2nd place finish


Points Scale

State of the Bounty - April 2019

April Bounty Pool Recap

Once again, our members have shown their love for THR and the games we enjoy playing every night!!!

We had 38 donations, from 25 different individuals, with a combined total of $844.79 for the Freebuy and Bounty Bonanza games! A little over 76% ($643) of this amount was donated by three members alone! We offered up a total of $534.05 of which 72% or $385.10 was paid out for bounties in April to our members! That left $148.95 (28%) unclaimed and carried over to May’s balance. We did have to use some funds this month for unexpected failed equipment but our bounty pool is stronger than ever!!!

Major thanks to everyone who helps to make THR so successful every day of every month! Without our members we are nothing!!

April’s Hall of Fame

The following members donated to THR throughout the month and deserve a round of applause! If you see them, please let them know how much they are appreciated

badb0iie, BenjiSnoopy, braindamageoy, cariesky, dpolerio, echomsp, gpeppin, INeedFreedom, Lendo777, lignerant131, MerlinCN, MrLaufer, raddeckel, RadioWade, Ravarros, reignoffire, rjs1275, robjcar48, robt233, seanienofish, singmeatune, smokecifer, vegasbound10, wrenchturn, yardbird


Freebuy Leaderboard (October 2019)

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* Leaderboard data only includes top 50 finishers, those who recieved points only. If total payout spots exceed 50, they will be tracked for winnings purposes.

Week #3


Woot! We hit a record high with 122 players which paid down 27 spots!

Robbiec33 took down the Monday night win for  $5.83.

GEcamper1030 took down 2nd for $3.50

Oliblaha took down 3rd for $2.62


Woot! We hit a record high with 123 players which paid down 27 spots!

Game play was suspended for about 15 minutes due to a tech glitch. With 5 players to go, 4 of them left and the current chip leader went on to easily wrap the game up when play resumed. 

Heathencore took down the win for $5.83. He also picked up a win in the Bonanza for the bifecta! He moves into the #6 slot. 

DarnedCat took down 2nd for $3.50. She moves into the #6 spot on the board. 

Yesyall took down 3rd for $2.62.

Biggest gain came from Damnthtsweet's 6th place finish which garnered enough points to take over the #1 slot on the board. Maintaining her #2 slot was Runabout with a 9th place finish! Both of them hit their 4th FT for the month and are tied with MrLaufer in that department.

The ladies are starting to rule the top ten. There are 4 which include DarnedCat, Damnthtsweet, Runabout and Seaeyes!

Wednesday ($0)

 Freebuy was cancelled. Nothing to report here.

Thursday ($25)

Numbers dipped a bit with 100 players on the evening. Probably due to a lack in confidence of the ACR software, or maybe a party that we were not aware of! LOL

On a side note, four players at the final table on Thursday were also at the final table in the Bonanza! They were Dpolerio, GPeppin, Shady Slim and Oliblaha!! Seaeyes was at the FT and came close in the Bonanza with a 12th place finish.

Cyrusthevirus took down the win for $6.27!

DPolerio took down 2nd for  $3.87.

GPeppin took down 3rd for $2.75.

Biggest gain came from Shady Slim's 4th place finish which moves him into the #1 slot on the board!

Friday ($26.20)

Congrats everyone, we exceeded the guaranteed prize pool for the first time since the hiatus. Ninety-nine of THR's finest came out this Friday with a darn good game! Kudos all!

It was Lady's Night at THR on Friday too. A classic battle between Ceriminias & CrazySteph dominated both the Bonanza & the Freebuy, plus other notable gals spiced things up ... read on.

Oliblaha took down the win Friday for $6.62!

Singmeatune took down 2nd for $4.06! 

Ceriminias took down 3rd for $2.88, plus 3rd in the Bonanza too. Sweet payday & VGGs tonite!!

Tonight's Bonanza winner, Crazyteph420, took down 4th place for $2.22, A very sweet payday for you too!! VGGs tonite!

Making her first appearance in a long, long while was Talkpkr2me! Welcome back girl!! She ran deep and finished in 12th.

Shady Slim made his 4th FT and finished in 9th to pad the #1 spot a tad. He joins MrLaufer, Damnthsweet and Runabout with 4 FTs this month.

Bonanza Leaderboard (October 2019)

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* The $ value in parenthesis after the day are total awarded dollars (Prize$, KO$ & added bounties/awards)

Week #3

Monday ($38.25)

Things kicked off really well with a decent turnout! We had 37 players and a total of 63 entries this night.

Usmc2doc took down the win for $6.64. He also took out the mystery bounty on Singmeatune, but left it unclaimed.

Splitgreens took down 2nd for $4.25

Shady Slim took down 3rd for $2.83. This finish moves Shady into the #2 slot. He is within spitting distance of #1 Steve22055. Move out of the way bro!! 

 Our other mystery bounty was on GPeppin and Turnkey 513 claimed the $1.20 bounty.

Tuesday ($32.20)

Moderate turnout Tuesday with 31 players and a total of 52 entries.

Heathencore took down the win Tuesday for $5.78. He also picked up a win in the Freebuy for the bifecta! This moves Heathen into the #6 slot on the board. He is also #2 in the winnings department and threatening #1 Steve22055.

Myworld119 took down 2nd for $3.90.

Wrenchturn took down 3rd for $2.34. He also picked off a $2.40 FT mystery bounty on BenjiSnoopy for total take home of $5.74!! GG buddy!

BenjiSnoopy hit her 6th FT for the month and leads in that department. She also picked off Shady Slim, a $1.20 mystery bounty. She elected to roll it over, thank you girl!! 

Shady Slim  gained another 200 points over #1 Steve22055 with a 15th place finish. 

Wednesday ($0)

 Bonanza was cancelled. Nothing to report here.

Thursday ($31.20)

Low turnout with 25 players and a total of 48 entries. 

We had two random bounties to be offered up for the night, but the two that were picked ... did not make it to the closing of registration. So, we went for the next best thing and offered up the top two leaders on the board -- Dunner and Shady!

PSNyteowl took down the win on Thursday for $5.33. He also picked off Steve22055 & Shady Slim who made it to the final table for double the bounty dollars at $4.80! Total take home was $10.13, VGG Owl!!

DPolerio took down 2nd for $3.60.

Shady Slim took down 3rd for $2.16. Gained 300 points on #1 Steve22055 who finished 8th. Shady is a mere 145 points behind & objects in the mirror are closer than they appear!

GPeppin & Riverstar also made the final table to keep pace with the leaders. They are at #3 & #4 respectively. Riverstar's 4th place finish garners enough winnings to take over the #1 slot in the Winnings department too!! VGG River!

Friday ($40.25)

Great turnout on Friday night with 37 players and 59 entries. And special thanx to a generous donation from Merlin, we tacked on some extras to the night's game! 

As in the Freebuy, it was also Lady's Night in the Bonanza! Or, as I want to call it -- Banditas Gone Wild!!

Crazysteph420 took down a big win for $6.22 + the Last Bandita prize for $1.80! Steph will go on to finish 4th in the Freebuy as well. VGGs Steph!!

Steve22055 is back in the saddle again with a 2nd place finish for $3.98 & a high 7th FT appearance. This finish retakes winnings lead from Riverstar and extends his #1 spot on the board. XG bro! BenjiSnoopy also makes a 7th FT appearance and moves into the #6 spot on the board!

Ceriminias took down 3rd for $2.65 + a $2.40 bounty on Heathencore. Heathen had just rolled his bounty for Fi5hbon3 onto himself a few hands prior. TY for your support buddy! 

Reinhardt picked up the Chip Leader bounty on Seaeyes for $2.40! Sea wasn't paying attention and didn't know about the bounty until she saw her KO notification come up in Chat! Too funny!!

B-side/Redux Leaderboard (Suspended) 

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The B-side/Redux leaderboard is suspended until further notice.  

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