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RagBully's 4 FTs this week!! Holds the lead!

Dpolerio with 4 FTs slighty behind in 2nd slot!

KrabMandu 1st Freebuy win + $3 bounty on Friday!




New 74-entry high Friday -- The Bonanza rocks!!

Go Redshirts: MrLaufer 5 KO win + Dunner 11 KO 4th cash!

Dpolerio & Shady Slim gain on struggling Vocke




Game #4: The Redux is in the books

SteelCrafter/RagBully share the lead

ICantStop & Raddeckel stall a little

Points Scale


State of the Bounty - Nov 2018

Once again, In November, our THR members generously provided the money everyone loves to chase for the bounties in the Freebuy, Bonanza, and B-side/Redux games. We had donations of approximately $236.00 in November. We offered $236.00 in bounties and only 70% or $165.50 was claimed by the bounty hunters. 75% claimed in the Freebuy, 51% in the Bonanza and 100% in the B-side/Redux games. Please join us in chat and get some of the $70.50 that went unclaimed.

Our bounties are based on donations from you folks, our members! We hope you enjoy the added opportunities and will consider a donation to THR next time you catch a nice win. Donations can be made directly to steve22055 through the ACR P2P or by sending it through the Support THR banner on our homepage at TexasHoldemRadio.Com. Contact one of the Mods if you need help!

We can’t thank y’all enough for the continued support you give to TexasHoldemRadio! The staff and members tip their hats to each of you!

November’s THR Parade of Champions who donated to the Bounty Pool are

Actiondan - Badb0iie - BenjiSnoopy - Dpolerio - Hiroller 

H3llfire-  ICanDonkYou - MasterJ - MerlinCN

Oddjob35 - Pakal2015 - Raddeckel - ReignOfFire

RobjCar - Shady Slim - SmokeCifer

SteelCrafter - Steve22055

and StudiedVirus.


If you see them strolling around THR, let them know how much we all appreciate their support!


B-side/Redux 8-Game Shootout (Dec 2018) 

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Game #1 - B-side 12/5/2018

2Rockets2 takes down the first game of the shootout. He also captured the $2.50 bounty on MarineCJ for a total take-home of $34.00!! Congrats Rockets!!

Legdil took 2nd place and captured the $5 mystery bounty on RobJCar  plus a $2.50 bounty on Wrenchturn. His total net for the night was $28.50!!

Kcorbee was a man on fire Wednesday night. He took down 3rd place for $10.50, but that is not all. He also won the THR Bounty Bonanza and the $25 GTD Freebuy as well. My lord, this guy is a wrecking ball!

Game #2 - The Redux 12/7/2018

YourMomDOTcom took down the win Friday night for $27.00.

It was RobJCar's 2nd place finish that deprived those who finished behind him extra points. Just because he is ineligible doesn't mean he can't be a spoiler for some folks!! Rob also picked up $16.20 for his efforts, double spoiler!! 

ICantStop took down 3rd place for $10.80 for the night.

And BlueJeanie's two $3 bounties on SteelCrafter and MrLaufer went unclaimed! So somebody missed out.  

Game #3 - The B-side 12/12/2018

ICantStop, RagBully & Raddeckel slingshot around 2Rockets2 for the lead. With DragonKing, that will round out the top five after game three. 

RobJCar and ICantStop chopped the tournament Wednesday night for 900 points &  $22.50 take home. ICantStop takes over the lead surpassing the absent YourMom by 600 points. 

Moving into the 2nd slot is RagBully with third place finish for $9.00 and 700 points. And Raddeckel picks up enough 11th place points to slide into third. 

BadBoy23 took down 4th place for $6.00 and 600 points. This is BB's best finish so far and he moves into the 11th slot.

Game #4 - The Redux 12/14/2018

Preliminary results are not final yet. Results manually entered before official results are posted online at ACR. 

There were TWO $5.00 bounties on RadioWade & RobJCar Friday night. Wade's bounty went unclaimed, but SteelCrafter took out RobJCar and rolled the bounty back unto himself. 

And yes you heard right. Wade made an appearance and rocked our Christmas spirit Friday. Most of us were rockin' anyway -- YeahBaby should have been called DamnThtWhineBaby over some of the music that Wade was slinging! LOL. You must admit some of his stuff was a little bit twisted.  Deep down y'all know you were loving it! 

SteelCrafter & his bounty eventually went head to head with FtheBrunsons. FtheBrunsons took down the win for $27.00, but the $5.00 bounty on Steel's head went unclaimed. That was about an extra 20% in winnings left on the table. 

Steel picked up $18.00 and 800 points which puts him in a tie for the lead with RagBully. They have 1675 points each.

Shady Slim picks up 350 points for his 10th place finish. He slides into the 5th slot! ICantStop & Raddeckel had little movement and remain in the 3rd & 4th slots respectively. 

JimboAAkimbo took down 3rd place for $9.00. 

SingMeATune took 4th for $6.00 and eases her into the 7th slot! 

The following people need to address some issues with their THR accounts for award purposes.

Will Kcorbee & YourMomDOTcom & FtheBrunsons please contact a Mod in Chat as soon as possible.
Thank you!

Freebuy Leaderboard (Dec 2018)

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Week #2


RagBully takes down his first FT this month with a win on Monday. This moves him into the 4th slot on the board. He was one of the $3.00 bounties and gets to take that home along with the other $3.00 bounty on Steve22055. Sweet payday for Rags. Total winnings on the night was $11.89!!

Dpolerio extends his lead ever so slightly with a 15th place finish. Very respectable 6-game run so far with 3 FTs and a couple of deep runs. 

Raddeckel moves into the 2nd slot with a 17th place finish.  And SteelCrafter moves into the top ten with a 5th place finish.  This is Steel's  2nd FT appearance.


Odog36 took down the win Tuesday night for $6.30. 

RagBully made his second FT appearance with a 4th place finish. He gains on the leaders and moves into the second slot. SteelCrafter also moves up with his 3rd FT appearance, he is in the 5th slot now.


KurtPoker takes down his first Freebuy win Wednesday night!! CuseNcows took down 2nd place and moves up into the top ten.

RagBully makes his 3rd consecutive FT with a 6th place finish. This gave Rags enough points to eke past Dpolerio for the lead. 

Making their 2nd FT appearances are ActionDan & BenjiSnoopy and both move up the ladder into the top ten.


iW1nFl1ps (aka PaulG) took down the win Thursday night. He went head to head with Dpolerio in his 4th FT appearance for the month. His 2nd place finish moves him into the leader spot over RagBully. Rags came close to a 4th FT appearance and finished in 12th for the night. 

Thursday's FT was a who's who of leaderboard favorites and usual suspects.  A scramble for points ensued which shook things up atop the boards quite a bit. 

Badboy23 enters the top ten with a 3rd place finish. SteelCrafter moves up with his 8th place finish. This is Steel's 4th FT appearance of the month and is currently in the 5th slot.  Wrenchturn's 5th place finish moves him into the 3rd slot. Runabout makes a bid for the top ten with her 7th place finish. And JimboAAkimbo took down a 4th place finish to move him into the top ten as well. JimboAA had a good game over in the Bonanza as well with a 2nd place finish. 


KrabMandu took down his first Freebuy win Friday night and picked up a $3.00 bounty to boot. His total take home on the night was $9.97!! This is his second FT appearance and picks up enough points to move him into the 9th slot on the board.

DamnThtSweet (aka YeahBaby) moves closer to the leaders with her 4th place finish. This is Baby's 2nd FT appearance and she takes over the third slot. Baby wasn't the only lady at the FT Friday. Joining her were Seaeyes and DarnedCat in their first appearances this month. VGGs ladies!

Biggest gainer was RagBully in his 4th FT appearance this week!! His 6th place finish retakes the lead over Dpolerio. These two are like watching two kids on a seesaw lately with all the back and forth. 

Another impressive prize pool Friday. This was the third time we broke the $30 barrier this month with a $30.83 prize pool!! 

Weekly & Monthly recaps are archived for your viewing pleasure. See the THR Leaderboards site.

Bonanza Leaderboard (Dec 2018)

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Week #2

This month we added total KO reporting to the leaderboard. Enjoy!!


The_Artist picks up the win Monday night. His 7 KOs gave him a total take home of $8.57!! 

Vocke continues to rule the Bonanza badlands. He has two wins last week and almost a third with a 2nd place finish Monday night. His lead extends quite a bit over the trailing Dpolerio in the 2nd slot.

New THR member JoeBooAA took down 5th place with 7 KOs.

2Rockets picks up another 4 KOs Monday and leads with 16 total. 

In his first Bonanza appearance this month CatPaine took home both $3.00 bounties and a 6th place finish. One game, two kills -- those were his only KOs and they where whales! Total take home was $7.65!


Paco777 takes down an 8 KO win Tuesday. One of those KOs was an added bounty of $1.50 for a net take home of $10.16!!

KCorBee had a huge 14 KO 4th place finish. He now leads with 26 and moves into the second slot on the board. 

ABQ Slim had a 9 KO 3rd place finish. One of those KOs was an unclaimed $1.50 bounty. 

Tuesday night was another record breaking night with 74 entries. We have had a few low 70's leading up to this night, but 74 puts us into another payout bracket which paid down 9 spots! 


BoinkyB boinked an 8 KO win on Wednesday. His net on the night was $8.61!!

Biggest gainer was RagBully. His 5th place finish slides him into the 2nd slot and 800 points off the leader Vocke

Just for shits and giggles, a bounty was put on Vocke's head Wednesday night. Perks of being the leader I guess. Why should all of the THR fam get in on the fun of being a bounty? This started as $1 for each KO during late registration. Yep, a buck for each KO. Nobody could touch him.  After late reg was bumped to $2 first KO/$3 for FT.  (J'ai pris la prime pour deux dollars!)

And how about MsPaco! After last nights win she came back with a 6 KO 2nd place finish for $5.75 -- a 2-day total a few cents south of $16. This 14 KO run has moved  her into the 5th slot with the lead in view now. Go get it girl!

ICantStop moves up the top ten with an 1 KO 6th place ITM finish for $1.28. All gains are good and he moves into the 6th slot, just behind MsPaco. 


The_Artist picks up his 2nd Bonanza Win for the month!! With 4 KOs on the night, his take home was $7.19 and moves him into the 3rd slot.

RagBully closes the gap even further on the leader Vocke with a 4 KO 4th place finish. He is just a mere 300 points behind. 

JimboAAkimbo was hot Thursday night. He took down 2nd in the Bonanza and 4th in the Freebuy. His 8 KO finish netted him $5.98 and moves him up the ladder a smidgen. 

Kcorbee picks up another 2 KOs after a huge Tuesday to tie Badboy23 at 25 KOs apiece. Nearest competitor is MsPaco with 20 KOs total after a sweet 2-day run. 

When Champyun shows up at the Bonanza, he plays well. He made his second Top-6 appearance on just 3 games Thursday night. His 3rd place finish gave him $2.65.

Bryce0044 & KinkyKitten took out the $1.50 Mystery Bounties for the evening. Both went unclaimed. 


Biggest Bonanza ever!! This was the third time we had 52 players, but re-entries went through the roof with 24! Total entries is a new Bonanza high of 76 to finish out the week. 

Congrats to MrLaufer for the win Friday night. L picked up 5 KOs for the night and walked out with $8.09. 

SingMeATune took an 8 KO 2nd place finish for $6.56 net take home. 

Biggest gunner was Dunner (steve22055) with  an 11 KO 4th place finish for $5.03! 

2Rockets2 picks up another 5 KOs on his 3rd place finish for $4.67. He has 21 KOs on the month and moves into the 7th slot.

Keeping pace and moving up the top ten were Dpolerio & Shady Slim who finished 5th & 6th. Both were able to gain a couple hundred points on the leader Vocke who picked up 275 on the night. 

New THR member Gator4x4 made the money for the first time in the Bonanza. He took down a 2 KO 7th place finish Friday for $1.52. Congrats Gator!

Kcorbee picks up two more KOs Friday and leads with 27. 

Weekly & Monthly recaps are archived for your viewing pleasure. See the THR Leaderboards site.