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Friday results on hold.


Friday results on hold.


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Game #5 The Redux is in the books!!!

Pepp & Fire closer than a gnats-ass on a needle,

plus playful dogs in loafers round out the top five.

Points Scale

State of the Bounty - Feb 2019

February Bounty Recap

Donations continued to be fairly strong this month even though we awarded more than received.  We had combined donations of $237.83 for the Freebuy and Bounty Bonanza games! We offered up a total of $296.23 of which 81% or $242.23 was claimed for bounties and other prizes by our members!

Bounties will be reduced in the games as the bounty pool continues to shrink so please consider donating to THR. Many of the same folks donate every month. We would love to see more people participate and we can’t do it without you all!

February’s Hall of Fame

The following members donated to THR throughout the month and deserve a round of applause! If you see them, please let them know how much they are appreciated

BenjiSnoopy - DPolerio - Echomsp - Gmbler0323

GPeppin - INeedFreedom - MeanMike - MerlinCN

Mr.Plow - NLTonyD - Potfan42o - Raddeckel

RobJCar - SCRockintheboat - SeanieNofish

Spr0ck3t - Steve22055 - SteveLandess

TryMeBish - Tunes247 - UrNotAhead7

Weekend Bounty Series LB (Mar 2019)

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Weekend #2

BnaD took down the Sunday Knockout for $20.60

The_Artist3 took down the Saturday Knockout for $17.70. That finish puts him into the winnings lead by a narrow margin.

RobG took down the Sunday Nightcap for $11.75

Catpaine took down the Sunday Bounty for $11.25

SteelCrafter took down the Saturday Bounty for $9.37. This was his first of 3 final tables for the weekend.  He extends his lead by a good margin. 

VinceNStacy970 took down the Saturday Nightcap for $9.15. He moves into the top ten on the leaderboard.

Weekly & Monthly recaps are archived for your viewing pleasure. See the THR Leaderboards site.

Freebuy Leaderboard (Mar 2019)

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Week #3


1st place goes out to abq slim (aka NMCOWBOY). He pockets $5.85 for the night after a great heads up match!

2nd place was none other than GroundControl who adds $3.51 to his bankroll and pushes him near the top of the leaderboard! This finish moves GC into the number 2 slot on the board.

3rd place was captured by theANMATOR and he takes away a nice $2.67 for his efforts!

We had three $4.00 bounties on merlinCN, crazysteph420, and seaeyes. None of them were claimed on the night!


RealMrPlow takes down the tourney after a nice heads up match and scoops up $5.97 for his victory!

Ravarros worked it but fell short in 2nd place and a nice $3.68 payout on the night!

Crest35 not only placed third with a $2.64 payday but captured two $3.00 bounties for an $8.64 total! WTG Crest!

Four $3.00 bounties tonight were echomsp (ko’ed by steve22055), steve22055 & reignoffire (both ko’ed by crest35) and meanmike (ko’ed by lgreer61D).

Congrats to all the winners!


After the announcement of the $10.00 bounty for MerlinCN, the prize pool exploded with rebuys/addons.  We had one of the highest pools in quite some time with $35.40 after all was said and done.

CatLoverToo took the top spot after a very good heads up match. She walks away with a nice $7.61 from the almost record Prize Pool!

Nojoke08 (aka Feeks914) winds up in the 2nd spot and pockets a very nice $4.69 on the night!

Rejcoop, a fairly new THR member, was the 3rd place finisher and cops a cool $3.36 for his efforts!

Big gain from Raddeckel with his 9th place finish. This was Radd's 4th final table appearance for the month and he moves into the lead over marySoprano by a smidgen (5 points).

Their were two $4.00 mystery bounties and neither were claimed. MerlinCN also posted a $10.00 after add-on bounty on his head but it was not claimed either!


CPTMYK713 managed to take the top spot along with a $6.07 payday!

Dpolerio tried to work his magic in the heads up but finishes in 2nd and walks off with $3.64! His finish moves him into the top ten on the board.

RealMrPlow continues his leaderboard push and takes down 3rd place and $2.78 on the night! This finish moves him up into the top ten on the board as well. 

Big news of the night was marySoprano's 14th place finish to retake the lead from Raddeckel

SteelCrafter made his 4th final table appearance with a 5th place finish for $1.62. He moves into the number 3 slot on the board. 

For the second night in a row, MerlinCN's self-imposed $10.00 bounty went unclaimed.  Maybe third time will be a charm? Stay tuned.

Two $3.00 bounties were claimed by WoohooSue (KOed   Tunes247) and SteelCrafter (KOed GameGenie90).

Weekly & Monthly recaps are archived for your viewing pleasure. See the THR Leaderboards site.

Bonanza Leaderboard (Mar 2019)

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Week #3


WFRSCPT took down a 9 KO Win Monday night for $8.97. One of his KOs was an unclaimed $2.00 mystery bounty on SteelCrafter.

SteelCrafter took down a 3 KO 2nd place finish for $5.09.  This finish retakes the points lead over Dundondunnnnnn on the board. One of Steel's KOs was for a $3.00 bounty on Shady Slim, bringing his total to $8.09 for the night!! VGG bro.

Kevan M took down 3rd for $3.10.

MarineCJ is back in saddle with a 5 KO 4th place finish for $3.32.

One other $2.00 mystery bounty on DPolerio went unclaimed by Oddjob35


Gamegenie90 took down a 7 KO Win for $8.57!

JuicyJoeS was our sharpshooter for the night with an 8 KO 2nd place finish for $6.41!

GoneFishin59 took down a 3 KO 3rd place finish for $3.65.

Dundondunnnnnn picked up 2 more KOs to take the lead in that department. 

Our $2.00 mystery bounties for the night were Steve22055 & BenjiSnoopy who were claimed by MarineCJ & marySoprano respectively. Congrats!!


SteelCrafter took down a monster 12 KO Win Wednesday night and took home $8.77! He extends his points lead over Dundondunnnnnn and takes over the winnings lead as well. VGG bro!

Cariesky (aka Doll) took down a 2 KO 2nd place for $4.21. 

Actiondan4 took down an impressive 8 KO 3rd place finish for $4.22. That gives him 19 KOs for the month.

Pokerboss13069 (aka Dallas4life) makes his first FT appearance and 2 KOs for the night. One of those KOs was for the mystery bounty MrLaufer and he picked up an extra $2.00 for his effort. The other $2.00 mystery bounty went unclaimed.


Cariesky (aka Doll) took down a sweet 9 KO Win for $8.55! That finish moves her into the top ten on the board and is sitting in the number 6 slot.

Ravarros has only been with THR for about a week and is making an impact. He took down a 9 KO 2nd place finish for $6.30. Welcome to THR!!

The_Artist3 had only 3 KOs on the night with his 3rd place finish for $3.45. He moves into the  number 5 slot on the board. 

RealMrPlow finished with a 1 KO 11th place finish, but gains a few hundred points on the leaders. He is in a virtual tie for 2nd with Dundondunnnnnn now. 

We had THREE $2.00 mystery bounties for the night on Legdil, Yardbird & Shady Slim. All were left unclaimed by 23Cando, Sticky Fingaz & BrianR82 respectively. 

Weekly & Monthly recaps are archived for your viewing pleasure. See the THR Leaderboards site.

B-side/Redux Leaderboard (Mar 2019) 

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Game #4 - B-side 3/13/2019

Tunes247 took down the Win Wednesday night for $14.00!

BenjiSnoopy took down 2nd place for $8.40. She moves into the number 4 slot!

Dpolerio took down 3rd place for $5.60.

Raddeckel finished in 4th and moves into the 5th slot.

ReignOfFire finishes in 7th to extend his lead over GPeppin for the top spot.

Game #5 - Redux 3/15/2019

Large turnout for The Redux Friday night with 43 players and paying down 5 spots.

Bricxjo took down the Win for $34.40.

Gunnernme took 2nd for $23.22.

Kcorbee grabbed 3rd for $12.90.

Dpolerio took 4th for $8.60.

Robjcar48 edged out the last money spot for $6.88.

ReignOfFire & GPeppin in virtual tie, followed closely by Playful, Benji and MrL

Four games left in the Shootout. 

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