4.2.18 - We have some changes to the Games provided by ACR for us here at THR.  These new changes will go into effect once the tournaments are listed:


Our weeknight $25.00 Free Buy will be starting at 9:00pm et.  The Blinds have also been changed to 8 minutes instead of 10.

There are three new Buy in Games. Actually, a couple of these are old favorites that we have back due to player requests.  We have the B-Side $5.50 rebuy tournament that will begin at 10:00pm et Wednesday nights. Friday night there is the Redux, a $5.50 Freez Out that begins at 10:00pm et. And finally, there is the Saturday Night Special. This is $1.10 Freeze Out Saturday nights at 9:00pm et.  We hope you can join us for these great tournaments at THR!

3.26.18 - Tonight is the premiere of Girls Night IN!  Tune in as we broadcast the LIPS/Luvin Poker Ladies tournament from Poker Stars! This game is open to Ladies only!  Ladies can register by visiting Girls Night In.

We have not forgotten about our Dudes!  We have the Weeknight $25 GTD Rebuy Tournament that begins at 9:00pm et.  The password for that tournament will be posted in the scrolling Marquee and announced on the air. See Ya' tonight on the tables and in chat!


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