May 2020 Final Results

Freebuy May 2020 Awards
πŸŽ– Points Title - GPeppin
πŸŽ– Winnings Title - GPeppin
πŸŽ– Freebuy Queen - Seaeyes
Bonanza May 2020 Awards
πŸŽ– Points Title - DPolerio
πŸŽ– Winnings Title - Bottleup74
πŸŽ– Bonanza Queen - BenjiSnoopy


Previous Award Winners

 Freebuy April 2020 Awards
πŸŽ– Points Title - Steve22055
πŸŽ– Winnings Title - Steve22055
πŸŽ– Freebuy Queen - Seaeyes

Freebuy 2nd Quarter 2020 Awards
πŸŽ– Points Title - TBD
πŸŽ– Winnings Title - TBD
πŸŽ– Freebuy Queen - TBD

Bonanza April 2020 Awards
πŸŽ– Points Title - GPeppin
πŸŽ– Winnings Title - Koa27
πŸŽ– Bonanza Queen - BenjiSnoopy

Bonanza 2nd Quarter 2020 Awards
πŸŽ– Points Title - TBD
πŸŽ– Winnings Title - TBD
πŸŽ– Bonanza Queen - TBD

In the Spotlight


May is in the books!

GPeppin takes Points/Winnings Titles!

Seaeyes is the Freebuy Queen!


May is in the books!

DPolerio takes Points in final game showdown!

BenjiSnoopy is Queen & Bottleup74 takes Winnings!

Points Scale

State of the Bounty – 1st Quarter 2020

Bounty Recap

It’s been a while since we updated this, but things have been fairly slow and for now we will be reporting on a quarterly basis. Participation in the games is slowly increasing but may have a lot to do with the stay at home orders around the world due to COVID-19. We sincerely hope that you and your families stay safe and healthy during these trying times and that our games help to bring a little bit of poker enjoyment into your lives! We certainly enjoy having you with us!

Your donations go to provide ALL of our bounties and prizes every night!

We had combined donations of $629.76 for the Freebuy and Bounty Bonanza games! $200 of that was from one donation that went to our Luck of the Irish – Part Deux games.

We offered up a total of $737.22 of which 79% or $580.92 was paid out for bounties and other awards to our members! That left $156.30 (21%) unclaimed during the 1st quarter.

Many thanks to everyone who helps make us so successful every day of every month! Without our members we are nothing!! THR members ROCK!!!

1st Quarter Hall of Fame

The following members donated to THR throughout this time frame and deserve a round of applause! If you see them, please let them know how much they are appreciated! If we missed anyone, please let Dunner know ASAP and thanks again for your continued support!! 

abq slim, BenjiSnoopy, Bottleup74, braindamageoy, damnthtsweet, DarnedCat, digdug0037, dpolerio, Fullofit, H00ker, Heathencore, Jhusker88, koa27, marysoprano, meanmike, MerlinCN, Mike647, Mr.Wrench, MrLaufer, parmer30, pokercuttlefish, raddeckal, reignoffire, Robbiec33, robjcar48, seanienofish, singmeatune, smokecifer, Turnkey513, willhebe, woohoosuedoyles, wrenchturn

Freebuy Leaderboard

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* Leaderboard data only includes top 50 finishers, those who recieved points only. If total payout spots exceed 50, they will be tracked for winnings purposes.

Week #4

Monday ($25.00) 

1 Shady Slim $5.83   1000
2 koa27 $3.50   800
3 Jason Bralli $2.62   700
4 marySoprano $2.00   600
5 bottleup74 $1.50   550
6 OMGNickJonas $1.12   500
7 suchanpuchan $0.87   450
8 bluezz $0.72   400
9 runabout40 $0.60   375

Shady Slim took down his 2nd Win for the month and moves into the #7 slot.

Coming off of his Friday Win, Koa27 took down 2nd. He moves up to #12.

Bottleup74's 5th place finish moves him into #2 by a nose over Reignoffire.

And Runabout40 sneaks into the Lady's lead with a 9th place finish. Competition is fierce and going to be an exciting run down to the wire. 

Tuesday ($25.00) 

1 MURFYDURFY $5.83   1000
2 eyeoreesque $3.50   800
3 digdug0037 $2.62   700
4 seaeyes $2.00   600
5 singmeatune $1.50   550
6 Talkpkr2me $1.12   500
7 steve22055 $0.87   450
8 Mike647 $0.72   400
9 Mr.Wrench $0.60   375

MurfyDurfy took down the Win on Tuesday night!

Seaeyes took down 4th and moves back into the Lady's lead ahead of Runabout40 who finished in 10th. While another contender, Mauddie1946, took down 11th to keep up a bit. 

Steve22055 took down 7th and moves up to #8 on the board.

Mr.Wrench breaks into the top 10 with his 9th place finish.

Wednesday ($25.00)

All the stars aligned just right and I missed the final lobby screenshot for the Freebuy. No data at Sharkscope. Heck, even Jon missed the screenshot on the Twitter page! The dang Trifecta LOL

Only one result was manually entered and that was Bluezz's Win. He will follow that up with another Win the following night, so it was entered for historical purposes.  

Thursday ($25.00)

1 bluezz $6.27   1000
2 Mike647 $3.87   800
3 pizzaman812 $2.75   700
4 splitgreens $2.12   600
5 Richard1804 $1.75   550
6 gpeppin $1.37   500
7 reignoffire $1.00   450
8 catbball67 $0.75   400
9 digdug0037 $0.62   375

Bluezz took down his 2nd consecutive Win!! VGGs buddy!

Mike breaks back into the top 10 with a 2nd place finish. He is at #8.

GPeppin locks down the Points Title with his 6th place finish. He is projected to take the Winnings Title as well.

Reignoffire turned in a respectable game with a 7th place finish. He is in the #2 spot. 

Seaeyes took down 10th and extends her lead for Queen by 430 points over Runabout. She moves ahead of Bottleup into the #3 slot. 

Friday ($25.00)

1 Danrob748 $6.27   1000
2 Jason Bralli $3.87   800
3 gpeppin $2.75   700
4 Crockettfan $2.12   600
5 reignoffire $1.75   550
6 theoldman77 $1.37   500
7 mauddie1946 $1.00   450
8 seaeyes $0.75   400
9 trappj3 $0.62   375

GPeppin finished the month strong with a 3rd place take down. This puts icing on his Points/Winnings tallies. 

Reignoffire finishes in the #2 slot with his 5th place finish. 

Seaeyes ran deep to finish in 8th and claim the Queen Title. Runabout was in the hunt and finished in 12th. 


Once Pepp got out in front, he never looked back. 9 final tables with deep finishes banged up $1.20 & 380 points per game with an average finishing postition of 12th!

FREEBUY QUEEN: Seaeyes almost let this get away, but had a strong finish in the last three games to come out on top. Sea had one Win in 5 final table appearances and averagedd 332 points & $1.14 per game. 



Bonanza Leaderboard

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* The $ value in parenthesis after the day are total awarded dollars (Prize$, KO$ & added bounties/awards)

** A change was made to the leaderboard. We will be tracking Top6 appearances (T6) instead of Final Tables (FT).

Week #4

Monday ($26.55)

1 IceMan1087 $4.93   1000
2 wrenchturn $3.32   800
3 shaazy712 $1.84   700
4 Bigmichfan35 $1.23   600
5 BenjiSnoopy $0.98   550
6 gpeppin $0.00   500

Our lucky bounties tonite were #7 Tweezer_Reraise &  #14 Turnkey513.

IceMan1087 took down the Win this Monday night!

Wrenchturn's 2nd place finish moves him up to the #5 slot. Wrench also snagged a $2.00 bounty on Turnkey513. VGG buddy.

BenjiSnoopy hits her 7th T6 appearance with a 5th place finish. She moves within 75 points of #1 DPolerio who was absent this night. 

GPeppin took down 6th and is in the #4 slot.

Bottleup74 took down 7th and is hanging on in #3.

Reignoffire finished out of the money in 11th, but did lay claim to the $2.00 bounty on Tweezer_Reraise.

Tuesday ($26.95)

1 a8ballor9 $5.46   1000
2 Tweezer_Reraise $3.67   800
3 wrenchturn $2.20   700
4 Turnkey513 $1.47   600
5 koa27 $1.10   550
6 Shady Slim $0.80   500

A8ballor9 took down the Win on Tuesday night!

Wrenchturn's 3rd place finish maintains his #5 slot and tightens things up a bit.

Koa27 took down 5th and moves up to #8.

Shady Slim finished in 6th and moves up to #6. 

GPeppin took down 7th and creeps up a little as a well. He is in #4. 

BenjiSnoopy had an 8th place finish which garnered enough points to take over the #1 slot from DPolerio.

Wednesday ($23.10)

1 Robbiec33 $5.05   1000
2 raddeckel $3.40   800
3 marySoprano $1.89   700
4 dpolerio $1.26   600
5 seaeyes $1.00   550
6 2Z1l0O5253 $0.00   500
7 bottleup74 $0.00   450
8 BenjiSnoopy $0.00   400
9 gpeppin $0.00   375

Very nice final table this night with the top 4 leaders in attendance -- DPolerio got the better of them and the return of an old friend! Read on.

RobbieC33 took down the Win on Wednesday night!

And back after a long, long while is Raddeckel who took down 2nd. Welcome back buddy!

Her supreme Taconess marySoprano took down 3rd. VGG girl!

The big story is DPolerio's 4th place finish. This is his 8th T6 appearance and he retakes the lead over BenjiSnoopy who finished in 8th. There is a 75 point difference right now and lookin' to go right down to the wire. Only 2 games left!

Seaeyes took down 5th and moves to the #9 slot. 

Bottleup74 took down 7th and loses a little ground on his #3 spot. His $$$ lead also lost some ground with DPolerio, but still looking healthy for next two games. 

GPeppin finished in 9th and remains in the #4 slot.

Thursday ($19.25)

1 reignoffire $4.70   1000
2 bottleup74 $3.15   800
3 seaeyes $1.75   700
4 gpeppin $1.17   600
5 BenjiSnoopy $0.93   550
6 dpolerio $0.00   500

What a final table at the Bonanza on Thursday night! Our top 4 leaders made an appearance and things got a little interesting.

ReignofFire took down the Win Thursday night! He moves into the Top 10 to the #7 position.

Bottleup's 2nd place finish puts a lock on the Winnings Title! He also moves into a virtual tie for #1 with DPolerio and BenjiSnoopy -- currently he is #3.

Seaeyes took down 3rd and moves up a slot to #8.

Gpeppin took down 4th and remains at #4.

BenjiSnoopy took down 5th and settles into that virtual tie for #1 - currently she is #2.

And DPolerio in his 9th T6 appearance with a 6th place finish. Just enough to lay claim to that #1 slot. 

Friday ($29.15)

1 fuzzycritter $5.90   1000
2 Mike647 $3.97   800
3 Destroyer481 $2.38   700
4 dpolerio $1.59   600
5 bottleup74 $1.19   550
6 nutbuster19 $0.87   500

Two races were already decided, Winnings & Queen Titles. 

The Points Title came down to a final game showdown between Dpolerio, BenjiSnoopy & Bottleup74 -- a mere 90 points seperated all three.

And the winner was DPolerio with a 4th place finish. He edged out Bottleup in a hotly contested final table. VGG buddy and Congrats!

Bottleup74 took down 5th to pile on more $$ for a final $25.22 on the month. VGG Bottle and Congrats!

Mike647 closed out the month strong with a 2nd place finish. He stays in the Top 10 at #6.

Wrenchturn took down 7th and comes in at #5.

Reignoffire took down 9th and comes in at #7.

GPeppin took down 10th to come in at #4.


The Doctor left no room for doubt on that final game. It was his 10th T6 appearance in 20 games, one game shy of a full month. His run included a Win, handful of 3rd & 4th place finishes that averaged out to a 7.4 finish each game. 


Bottle started to walk away with this Title after his Win during the 2nd week. He also took down 3 2nd place finishes with his 9 T6 appearances. His $ per game average worked out to $1.20. 


Another great month from Benji. She made 7 T6 appearances out of 21 games with an average finishing postion of 8.1. Almost guaranteed to make the final table, she eclipsed all but 4 players the entire month -- and all without a Win (she is overdue folks, watch yourself).



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