Previous Award Winners

Freebuy May 2020 Awards
🎖 Points Title - GPeppin
🎖 Winnings Title - GPeppin
🎖 Freebuy Queen - Seaeyes

Freebuy 2nd Quarter 2020 Awards
🎖 Points Title - GPeppin
🎖 Winnings Title - Steve22055
🎖 Freebuy Queen - Seaeyes

Bonanza May 2020 Awards
🎖 Points Title - DPolerio
🎖 Winnings Title - Bottleup74
🎖 Bonanza Queen - BenjiSnoopy

Bonanza 2nd Quarter 2020 Awards
🎖 Points Title - GPeppin
🎖 Winnings Title - Koa
🎖 Bonanza Queen - BenjiSnoopy

In the Spotlight


June is in  the books!

xZORBAx with final Win!

*** MrLaufer (Points & Winnings Titles) ***

*** Talkpkr2me (Freebuy Queen) ***


June is in the books!

ChefMark70 with final Win! 

*** BenjiSnoopy (Points & Queen Titles) ***

*** 1ACRPLAY1 (Winnings title) ***


Points Scale

State of the Bounty – 2nd Quarter 2020

Bounty Recap

Participation in the games has been down for some reason but the quality of play still is topnotch! We sincerely hope that you and your families stay safe and healthy during these trying times and that our games help to bring a little bit of poker enjoyment into your lives! We certainly enjoy having you with us!

Your donations go to provide ALL of our bounties and prizes every night!

We had donations of $426.42 for the Freebuy games! We offered up a total of $557.05 of which 73% or $404.49 was paid out for bounties and other awards to our members! That left $152.56 (27%) unclaimed during the 2nd quarter.

Many thanks to everyone who helps make us so successful every day of every month! Without our members we are nothing!! THR members ROCK!!!

2nd Quarter Hall of Fame

The following members donated to THR throughout this time frame and deserve a round of applause! If you see them, please let them know how much they are appreciated! If we missed anyone, please let Dunner know ASAP and thanks again for your continued support!! 

damnthtsweet. DarnedCat, Darth, Dpolerio, echomsp, gpeppin, GroundControl. Heathencore, HighFlyer, jasonbralli, MerlinCN, Mers55, Mr.Wremch, MrLaufer, MWAYANS04, Opus50, paco777, raddeckel, reignoffire, robjcar48, runabout40, Seaeyes, singmeatune, tcice2k, Turnkey513, whitewuff12, XZORBAX, Yardbird

Freebuy Leaderboard

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* Leaderboard data only includes top 50 finishers, those who recieved points only. If total payout spots exceed 50, they will be tracked for winnings purposes.

Last Week

Wednesday ($25.00)

1 reignoffire $6.27   1000
2 Leprocon420 $3.87   800
3 ritz_acr $2.75   700
4 Shady Slim $2.12   600
5 fishmasterbaiter $1.75   550
6 abq slim $1.37   500
7 dpolerio $1.00   450
8 bigsadflop $0.75   400
9 seaeyes $0.62   375

Reignoffire took down a big Win on Wednesday night and moves up to the #3 slot on the board. 

Shady Slim's 4th place finish moves him a little closer to #1 MrLaufer who missed the boat Wednesday, but still has a huge lead. 

Seaeyes' 9th place finish moves an inch closer to Talkpkr2me in the Queen race.  Talk finished in 10th to extend her lead over Seaeyes & Singme by 800 points. We can't quite call this race given the players involved, this will go down to the wire for sure.

GPeppin finished back in 18th, but with the 150 points to go with it,  he extended his #1 status for the Quarterboard Points Title. 

Thursday ($25.00)

1 TheWize2 $6.27   1000
2 abq slim $3.87   800
3 gpeppin $2.75   700
4 Raskolnikov $2.12   600
5 dpolerio $1.75   550
6 Shady Slim $1.37   500
7 runabout40 $1.00   450
8 seaeyes $0.75   400
9 DarnedCat $0.62   375

TheWize2 took down the Win Thursday night! VGG buddy.

GPeppin settles in at #10 with a 3rd place finish. He has a lock on the Quarter Points Title and hits a high 24 final tables for this period as well.

#2 Shady Slim hits his 8th final table with a 6th place finish. He gains a little on #1 MrLaufer who finished back in 16th, Shady was hoping for more.

Runabout40 took down 7th to pull within 900 points of #1 Talkpkr2me in the Queen race.

Seaeyes gained too with an 8th place finish and moved up to #2 in that Queen race. Talk finished in 24th and has a 415 point lead over Sea. Singmeatune is up there too at #3 followed by Runabout at #4. All four look so cute all bunched up together on the board -- pink razzle bedazzle!

Friday ($25.00)

1 Mike647 $6.27   1000
2 yardbird $3.87   800
3 DACRANAZI $2.75   700
4 chuckberry $2.12   600
5 Crockettfan $1.75   550
6 runabout40 $1.37   500
7 Outlaw111 $1.00   450
8 shaazy712 $0.75   400
9 wrenchturn $0.62   375

Mike647 took down a big Win on Friday night and moves up to the #3 slot! Over on the Quaterboard, he pulls within $5 and change of younger bro Steve22055

Runabout40's 6th place finish moves her to within 400 points of #1 Talkpkr2me in the Queen race. Seaeyes also crept a little closer to Talk with an 18th place finish. This race got a whole lot tighter!

Week #4

Monday ($25.60)

1 jaymfc420 $6.46   1000
2 PSNyteowl $3.96   800
3 steve22055 $2.81   700
4 2Z1l0O5253 $2.17   600
5 1ACRPLAY1 $1.79   550
6 TheWize2 $1.40   500
7 wrenchturn $1.02   450
8 singmeatune $0.76   400
9 BIGAUS $0.64   375

Great turnout on Monday night and we broke the $25 guaranteed prize pool. 

Jaymfc420 took down the Win! Congrats!

Steve22055 took down 3rd and moves up to the #6 spot and into the 'cat' den.

Tuesday ($25.00) - Final Game & Wrapup

1 XZORBAX $6.27   1000
2 1ACRPLAY1 $3.87   800
3 gpeppin $2.75   700
4 marySoprano $2.12   600
5 bentaneira1971 $1.75   550
6 TheNuts0420 $1.37   500
7 reignoffire $1.00   450
8 JonLock $0.75   400
9 TheWize2 $0.62   375

Final game of the month, quarter, set!

xZORBAx took down the final game of the month/quarter in a heads up match against 1ACRPLAY1. The Greek hit a set of dueces on the river against Playful's AK after she flopped a K. VGG you two!

GPeppin finished in style with a 3rd place finish. He already had the Quarter Points Title locked down, but he also came close to taking the Quarter Winnings Title from Steve22055. Pepp was in and out of the lead and the win would have snatched that Title away from Steve. Congrats to Steve & Pepp both!! Very steady/solid games thru the quarter.

ReignOfFire hit this month's high 9th final table with his 7th place finish. He closes the month out in the #4 spot. VGGs Fire!

MrLaufer came out firing on all cylinders this month, then sputtered across the finishing line in sloppy style. Got a new nickname for him now ... MrLoafer! He takes home both Points & Winnings Titles after a narrow escape from Mike & Shady late last week. VGGs bro! Very nice loafing!! 

Talkpkr2me carried a healthy lead since mid-month, which eventually narrowed down to 270 points over Seaeyes & Runabout40 and Singmeatune not that far behind. Talk managed to hang on and took home the Freebuy Queen Title! VN month girl! and very exciting indeed. 

As for the aformentioned four ladies, for which one, Seaeyes, is an  aforementioned gal who formerly took one-fourth of this years Titles for the Quarter Freebuy Queen ! For me and my four followers on 4-Square (for which they are like 'for sure Forrest') we all say Congrats and forthwith .... GGs Sea !!!!

Congrats to all of our winners!! Jobs well done. It was a pretty exciting month.

 Let's start July off with a bang gang!! Did I just say bang gang? Oh well, see y'all on the felt.



Bonanza Leaderboard

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* The $ value in parenthesis after the day are total awarded dollars (Prize$, KO$ & added bounties/awards)

** A change was made to the leaderboard. We will be tracking Top6 appearances (T6) instead of Final Tables (FT).

Last Week

Wednesday ($28.60)

1 1ACRPLAY1 $5.78   1000
2 seaeyes $3.90   800
3 wrenchturn $2.34   700
4 bottleup74 $1.56   600
5 yardbird $1.17   550
6 Tweezer_Reraise $0.85   500

1ACRPLAY1 took down the Win on Wednesday night! She climbs into the #2 Winnings slot ahead of frontrunners Tweezer_Reraise and Pickel. VGG girl!

The big story is Seaeyes fourth straight T6 appearance with a 2nd place finish. She moves into the lead for the Winnings title and is within striking distance of #1 BenjiSnoopy for Points and Queen Titles. VGGs girl!

Wrenchturn's 3rd place finish moves him up to #6 on the board. 

Bottleup74 took down 4th and he pulls up close to #1 Koa27 for the Quarterboard Winnings lead.

Tweezer_Reraise's 6th place finish did not keep the Winnings lead, but keeps him in the hunt. He is currently at #3.

Reignoffire moves up another slot ahead of GPeppin with his 7th place finish. He is now at #4 on the board.

Thursday ($34.10)

1 1ACRPLAY1 $6.53   1000
2 damnthtsweet $4.18   800
3 steve22055 $2.79   700
4 2Z1l0O5253 $1.86   600
5 Mike647 $1.39   550
6 mrlaufer $1.02   500
7 gpeppin $0.83   450
8 wrenchturn $0.00   400
9 reignoffire $0.00   375

We had a great turnout on Thursday and a star-studded final table to go with it. 

Let's start with the biggest story of the night and 1ACRPLAY1's 4th Win this month. After her Win the previous night, she leaps into the Winnings lead ahead of  Seaeyes after she had just took that lead the night before. Keen observers will note that Playful wins big or stays at home, all of her 4 T6 appearances are for the win. VGGs girl!!

Steve22055 sneaks back into the top 10 with a 3rd place finish. He is at #9, #9, #9.

Mike647 settles into the #8 slot ahead of his bro with his 5th place finish.

In the race that everyone is talking about, MrLaufer closes the gap on #1 BenjiSnoopy with a 6th place finish and is 100 and change behind the Snoop now. Benji "which begins with B, and that means Bonanza" Snoopy finished in 12th and both have 8 T6 appearances so far -- something tells me the next 3 games will be interesting to watch.

GPeppin gains a little ground too with a 7th place finish. He is at #3 and 975 points behind #1 Benji. He is back in gear right now and could pose a threat over the next few nights. Meanwhile over on the Quarterboard, Pepp wrestles the lead back from BenjiSnoopy -- small lead, but a lead. 

Reignoffire gains as well with a 9th place finish and is at #4 and just a tad behind GPeppin

Friday ($26.95)

1 atcj13 $5.46   1000
2 Trey88 $3.67   800
3 steve22055 $2.20   700
4 damnthtsweet $1.47   600
5 koa27 $1.10   550
6 1ACRPLAY1 $0.80   500

Atcj13 took down the Win on Friday night! VGG buddy.

Steve22055 moves up two spots from #9, #9, #9 to #7 with his 3rd place finish.

Koa27 took down 5th for another $1.10 to add to his lead on the Quarterboard! He has about a $2 lead over Bottleup74 right now.

1ACRPLAY1 finished up in 6th for 80 cents to add to her #1 Winnings lead. She has a $6.26 lead over #2 Seaeyes

MrLaufer closed the gap again on BenjiSnoopy with a 10th place finish to her 12th. A mere 65 points seperate the two now! I have one fingernail left to chew on, but can't do it. It is my nose-picking finger!

BenjiSnoopy's 12th place finishes on Thursday and this night takes the lead over GPeppin on the Quarterboard. The Thursday night game for Benji was missing from the  Quaterboard stats (300 pts) due to operator error and has been corrected. Benji has a 465 point lead at this point in time.  

The Queen Title is just about a lock for BenjiSnoopy. Benji's finish Friday night put more distance over Seaeyes. 

2nd Quarter 2020

The Points Title will go down to the wire. GPeppin and BenjiSnoopy have two more games to do battle with. 

Koa27 is still our #1 Winnings leader, with Bottleup74 now $2 behind. Koa's 6th place finish on Friday helped his cause a little more.

Week #4

Monday ($18.90)

1 PokerPrideTeam $6.64   1000
2 bottleup74 $4.25   800
3 koa27 $2.83   700
4 2Z1l0O5253 $1.89   600
5 Turnkey513 $1.41   550
6 damnthtsweet $1.03   500

Fantastic turnout for Monday night's game with 63 entries and nice little pot to go with it.

PokerPrideTeam took down the Win!

Bottleup74 took down a month high 2nd place which moves him within 61 cents of #1 Koa27 for the 2nd Quarter race. Koa finished in 3rd, right behind Bottle and whoever places in the money on Tuesday night will take that title home for this quarter. GL guys!!

MrLaufer was a no-show, and BenjiSnoopy finished up in 17th to extend her Points lead to 240 points. 

1ACRPLAY1 is projected to take the Winnings Title. She finished out of the money in 10th, but still has a $6.26 lead over #2 Seaeyes.

Tuesday ($14.10) - Final Game & Wrapup

1 chefmark70 $5.24   1000
2 gpeppin $3.52   800
3 kidrock1112 $2.11   700
4 XZORBAX $1.41   600
5 seaeyes $1.05   550
6 pickel $0.77   500

Last game of the month, quarter, set and it was a Clash of the Titans going into the final game!

ChefMark70 took down the Win on the final game!

GPeppin is back in the saddle again and turned in a 2nd place finish to capture the Quarter Points Title  by 10 points over BenjiSnoopy who finished in 8th. VGGs Pepp!! Congrats.

BenjiSnoopy was also in a duel with MrLaufer for the monthly Points Title. Her 8th place finish help secure that baby! VGGs girl! Congrats.

1ACRPLAY1 finished out of the money in 9th, but easily walked away with the Winnings Title this month. Sweet! Congrats girl!

Koa27 also finished out of the money in 14th, but takes home the Quarterboard Winnings Title. Congrats buddy! VGG quarter!

 BenjiSnoopy, of course, is our Bonanza Queen for the month and the Quarter. This is Benji's 5th straight Queen Title with 10 Titles overall. VGGs girl and Congrats!

Congrats to all of our winners!! Jobs well done. It was a pretty exciting month indeed.


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