Freebuy Final March 2020


This was straight-up deep runs all month long. With an average finish position of 14.7, he was all but guaranteed to cash! In fact he cashed 19 out of his 22 games. 


Six final table appearances took Seaeyes over the top for the Queen title, including two 2nd place & one 3rd place finishes for the month. 

Bonanza Final March 2020


BenjiSnoopy had an average finish position of 8.5 for the month. With a low finish of 15th. The odds of seeing her at the final table were pretty good too. 


Bubbleup almost lost this title while going up against two other players with 2 Wins each on the month (DPolerio & 2Z1). His 8 Top6 appearances helped along with five 2nd place finishes on highly attended nights (bigger pots).

In the Spotlight


March is in the books!

GPeppin with Points & Winnings Titles!

Seaeyes is our Freebuy Queen!



March is in the books!

BenjiSnoopy with Points & Queen Titles!

Bottleup with Winnings Title!

Points Scale

Freebuy Leaderboard (February 2020)

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* Leaderboard data only includes top 50 finishers, those who recieved points only. If total payout spots exceed 50, they will be tracked for winnings purposes.

Last Week

Wednesday ($26.40)

Great turnout with 150 players with R/As to carry us over the $25 again.

Obvsking took down the Win for $6.19!

BCSmith348 took down 2nd for $3.69.

Echomsp took down 3rd for $2.77.

GPeppin took down 7th for $0.92 to add onto his #1 leads a little more.  

Thursday ($25.00)

Great turnout with 172 players. 

Wrenchturn took down the Win for $5.83! Finally!! This was Wrench's 8th FT appearance this month. 

Token1outer took down 2nd for $3.50.

Barrett75 took down 3rd for  $2.62.

Friday ($25.40)

Excellent turnout with 158 players.

PokerSuzy took down the Win for $6.11!

Echomsp took down 2nd for $3.64.

Imdabest101 took down 3rd for $2.75.

GPeppin took down 5th for $1.61. He almost has a double title this month. The only person threatening is Singmeatune. We have 2 games to go!!

Week #5

Monday ($25.00) 

Excellent turnout with 171 players. Highest attendance for the month.

Icandonkyou took down the Win for $5.83!

IrishuLuckMarty took down 2nd for $3.44.

Reignoffire took down 3rd for $2.56.

GPeppin took down 4th for $1.44. This puts a lot of pressure on Singmeatune for the Winnings title.

Seaeyes took down 5th for $1.06, which also puts pressure on Sing for the Queen title. 

Tuesday ($26.20)

Great turnout with 157 players.

Bottleup74 took down the Win for $5.83!

Bigmichfan35 took down 2nd for $3.44.

MasterFader took down 3rd for $2.56.

Singmeatune took down 13th for $0.36, but was not enough to make up ground on GPeppin & Seaeyes. Very good month Sing!

Bonanza Leaderboard (January 2020)

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* The $ value in parenthesis after the day are total awarded dollars (Prize$, KO$ & added bounties/awards)

** A change was made to the leaderboard. We will be tracking Top6 appearances (T6) instead of Final Tables (FT).

Last Week

Wednesday ($37.55)

Great turnout with 41 players for a total of 65 entries. Thanx to a contribution from Damnthtsweet, several players were able to take part in tonite's Bonanza who ordinarily could not afford it. Thank you Baby!

One bounty on lucky #13 MrLaufer for $1.20. We bumped that to a $1.80 after reg closed.

2Z1l0O5253 took down the Win for $6.36! He is on a sweet run with another Win and 3rd place finish this week. This Win takes over the #1 Winnings slot from DPolerio by the tune of 7 cents! He also moves up to the #5 slot on the board.

Woohoosuedoyles took down 2nd for $4.09.

DPolerio took down 3rd for $2.92. This finish helps him creep up on Benji for that #1 spot, plus he is pennies away from #1 Winnings.

Bottleup74 took down 7th for $0.87 to keep pace with the top leaders. He also snagged that $1.80 bounty on MrLaufer as well.

Thursday ($33.10)

Low turnout with 36 players and a total of 58 entries.

What are the odds! MrLaufer drew #13 again for $1.20

MoneyMJ took down the Win for $6.11!

Koa27 took down 2nd for $3.91.

Wrenchturn took down 3rd for $2.61.

2Z1l0O5253 took down 6th for $0.95. He is on a 5-day run culminating in $18.51 & 1370 points. He takes over #1 Winnings slot & climbs to #4 on the board.

DPolerio finished in 10th, creeps into #2 slot. 

Bottleup finished in 21st, but snagged the $1.20 bounty on Laufer. Astute readers will note that he KOed him last nite too -- $3.00 haul.

Friday ($40.15)

Outstanding turnout with 45 players and a total of 73 entries.

No bounties tonite.

Naaska took down the Win for $6.60!

Bottleup74 took down 2nd for $4.38 and passes up 2Z for #1 Winnings slot. He is hitting deep this week.

Echomsp took down 3rd for $3.28.

Week #5

Monday ($23.10) 

Low turnout with 27 players and a total of 42 entries.

No bounties tonite.

Wigmaster88 took down the Win for $5.05!

Mike647 took down 2nd for $3.40.

Seaeyes took down 3rd for $1.89.

DPolerio took down 4th for $1.26. Big finish for him, he has a crack at Points & Winnings titles still.

BenjiSnoopy finished in 7th to keep pressure on DPolerio.

Tuesday ($27.65)

Low turnout with 26 players for a total of 47 entries.

Tonite's bounty was on Shady Slim for $1.80.

Shady Slim took down the Win for $5.24! And he snagged his own bounty for $1.80. With 7 additional KOs on the night, not a bad way to end the month.

GPeppin took down 2nd for $3.52.

Mike647 took down 3rd for $2.11.

BenjiSnoopy's 9th place finish puts a lock on Points Title. 

Bottleup finished in 10th and locks up the Winnings Title.


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