Previous Award Winners

 Freebuy February 2020 Awards
🎖 Points Title - Talkpkr2me
🎖 Winnings Title - Seaeyes
🎖 Freebuy Queen - Talkpkr2me (2 in a row)

Freebuy 4th Quarter 2019 Awards

🎖 Points Title - GPeppin
🎖 Winnings Title - Damnthtsweet
🎖 Freebuy Queen - Runabout40

Bonanza February 2020 Awards
🎖 Points Title - BenjiSnoopy
🎖 Winnings Title - Bottleup74 (2 in a row)
🎖 Bonanza Queen - BenjiSnoopy

Bonanza 4th Quarter 2019 Awards
🎖 Points Title - BenjiSnoopy
🎖 Winnings Title - Seaeyes
🎖 Bonanza Queen - BenjiSnoopy

January 2020 Final Results 

 4th Quarter 2019 Final Results 

Feb 2020 Freebuy Winners

Points Title & Freebuy Queen - Talkpkr2me

This is Talk's 2nd Queen Title in a row and her best effort. While she never placed higher than 3rd, she consistantly hit the points in 20/20 games with an average finish position of 17th. 

Winnings Title - Seaeyes

Seaeyes main loot came off of a 2nd place finish & three 3rd place finishes. She cashed in 13 out of 19 scored games. Sea almost lost this title with GPeppin's strong finish that came up 2 cents short! 

Feb 2020 Bonanza Winners

Points Title & Bonanza Queen - BenjiSnoopy 

Benji had a strong mid-month run with an 8-game Final Table finish and barely looked back. That streak accounted for 4 of her THR high 8 Top6 appearances. Overall Benji averaged a finish position of 8.1 and collected $17.26 (#3).

Winnings Title - Bottleup74

For the 2nd consecutive month, Bottle has claimed the Winnings Title with $25.86. Combined with January's $32.73, he has pulled in $58.59! The majority of Bottle's dollars came from 2 Wins & two 2nd place finishes out of 17 games. 

In the Spotlight


Final Results are in the books!

Talkpkr2me Points Title & Freebuy Queen!

Seaeyes Winnings Title!



Final Results are in the books!

BenjiSnoopy Points Title & Bonanza Queen!

Bottleup74 Winnings Title!


Points Scale

State of the Bounty - December 2019

Bounty Recap

Happy New Year and welcome to 2020!!! With the holidays behind us, things are returning to normal if there is such a thing when poker is involved. 😊

Just a reminder to everyone that THR is a not-for-profit Internet Radio station. Your donations are mainly used to provide ALL of our bounties and prizes every night and, occasionally, they help to defer our costs to keep everything running. Nothing is free my friends!

We had 27 combined donations, from 17 different individuals of $287.82 for the Freebuy and Bounty Bonanza games! We offered up a total of $433.02 of which 79% or $342.93 was paid out for bounties and other awards to our members! That left $90.09 (21%) unclaimed during December.

As you may see from previous months, donations slowed in December and we paid out a lot more than we took in so we are hopeful that things will pick up in the new year, otherwise, amounts paid out for bounties will decrease.

Many thanks to everyone who helps make us so successful every day of every month! Without our members we are nothing!! THR members ROCK!!!

December Hall of Fame

The following members donated to THR throughout this time frame and deserve a round of applause! If you see them, please let them know how much they are appreciated! If we missed anyone, please let Dunner know ASAP and thanks again for your continued support!!


AliQod, BenjiSnoopy, Ceriminias, Damnthtsweet, Echomsp, FullOfIt, Gpeppin, Heathencore, MarySoprano, MerlinCN, Mr.Joshua360, MrLaufer, Raddeckel, Robbiec33, Robjcar48, runabout40, and Turnkey513  



Freebuy Leaderboard (February 2020)

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* Leaderboard data only includes top 50 finishers, those who recieved points only. If total payout spots exceed 50, they will be tracked for winnings purposes.

Week #4

Monday ($25.00) 

Low with 118 players.

ElKapitan took down the Win for $5.83!

PSNyteowl took down 2nd for $3.50.

Crockettfan took down 3rd for $2.62.

Tuesday ($25.00)

Avg turnout with 129 players.

GPeppin took down the Win for $5.83! He also finished 4th the night before and moves up the board to #7.

23Cando took down 2nd for $3.50.

Fishmasterbaiter took down 3rd for $2.62.

Talkpkr2me finished in 10th for $0.50. Combined with her 8th place finish the night before, she scoochies within 50 points of of #1 Seaeyes.

Wednesday ($25.00)

Above avg with 140 players.

Can-you-see-me took down the Win for $5.83!

Runabout40 took down 2nd for $3.50 and climbs into the #2 Winnings slot behind Seaeyes.

Willhebe took down 3rd for $2.62.

GPeppin took down 4th for $2.00 and lands in the #3 Winnings slot behind Runabout.

Thursday ($25.80)

Low turnout with 106 players. But R/A busted the $25! 

DeezNutzzzzz took down the Win $6.55!

Wildwildwes357 took down 2nd for $3.99.

Amcbusylady took down 3rd for $2.83.

Steve22055 took down 6th for $1.41 and moves up to the #4 slot.

Friday ($26.80)

Low turnout with 106 players again! And again, we busted the $25 guarantee. 

Whitewolff took down the Win for $6.79!

Robbiec33 took down 2nd for $4.15.

GPeppin took down 3rd for $2.94 which landed him in #2 Winnings, just 2 cents shy of #1 Winnings Seaeyes. Sea had finished in 35th earlier. So close, just a few R/As short!

Talkpkr2me finished in 17th place for 175 points to edge out Seaeyes for #1 Points Title & Freebuy Queen. 

Bonanza Leaderboard (January 2020)

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* The $ value in parenthesis after the day are total awarded dollars (Prize$, KO$ & added bounties/awards)

** A change was made to the leaderboard. We will be tracking Top6 appearances (T6) instead of Final Tables (FT).

Week #4

Monday ($28.80) 

Below Avg turnout with 31 players and a total of 48 entries.

There were two random after-5min-break bounties on #11 Seaeyes & #13 Singmeatune.

SleepOnMe took down the Win for $5.33!

BenjiSnoopy took down 2nd for  $3.60 and pads that #1 slot quite a bit.

Wrenchturn took down 3rd for $2.16.

SmokeCifer took down 4th for $1.44 and laid claim to the $1.20 bounty on Seaeyes.

Splitgreens took down 5th for $1.08 and claimed the other $1.20 bounty on Singmeatune. 

Tuesday ($37.05)

Nice turnout with 39 players and a total of 63 entries.

We had two $1.20 Snipe Bounties on Gubbywub & Imfoproof who is actually my younger brother! Welcome to THR bro. LOL

The_Artist3 took down his second Win of the month for $6.64! Combined with a 2nd place finish in only 6 games, he is deadly this month. 

Kidwonder888 took down 2nd for $4.25. He picked off Gubbywub, but it went unclaimed.

Seaeyes took down 3rd for $2.83.

Bottleup74 took down 7th for $0.85 to keep within distance of Benji, and gains a tad on Steve also.

Splitgreens finished in 9th out of the money, but snagged $1.20 bounty on Imfoproof.

Wednesday ($37.00)

Above avg with 36 players for a total of 58 entries. 

A small contribution from WoohooSue gave us two random bounties on #9 BenjiSnoopy & #12 Robbiec33 @ $1.20 each. We also had 90 cent prizes for After-reg Chip Leader, ITM Bubble & Last Bandita. 

Bottleup74 took down the Win for $6.64. He leapfrogs ahead of Steve22055 for the #1 Winnings slot. More icing on the cake, Bottle snagged the 90 cent After-reg Chip Leader prize & the $1.20 bounty on BenjiSnoopy. Nice payday!

DPolerio took down 2nd for $4.25.

PSNyteowl took down 3rd for $2.83.

BenjiSnoopy took down 5th for $1.41 to add to the #1 spot. She was our Last Bandita Standing winner, but did not claim.

RiverSalmon finished in 8th and was our ITM Bubble winner. He did not claim.

The $1.20 bounty on RobbieC was left unclaimed by Mike647.

Thursday ($35.75)

Below avg turnout with 28 players and a total of 65 entries.  Re-entry was fierce for some reason and made for a nice pot for the few that were here!

There were no bounties this evening.

Jdf23b took down the Win for $6.36.

Shady Slim took down 2nd for $4.09.

Mike647 took down 3rd for $2.92.

Tweezer_Reraise took down 4th for $1.95 Haven't seen him in a while. Welcome back!

Bottleup74 took down 7th for $0.87 and pads his #1 Winnings slot a tad more.

BenjiSnoopy finished in 10th, but pads that #1 slot some more.

Friday ($26.40)

Average turnout with 30 players for a total of 48 entries.

There were no bounties this evening.

Shaazy712 took down the Win $5.33! He will finish the month at #9.

Opus50 took down 2nd for $3.60. 

Singmeatune took down 3rd for $2.16

BenjiSnoopy finished in 13th, but held on to capture the Points & Queen Titles. 

BottleUp did not play, but had  enuf to capture the Winnings Title.



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