Can we beat the wild finish we had in October?

Yes we can!!

All titles were up for grabs and

the final game was fought down to the bitter end. 


Freebuy Leaderboard Final (November 2018)

Points & Winnings Titles - Badb0iie

Going into the final night, Badb0iie was trailing Steve22055 who was out in front in Points. It was going to be close. Steve finished in 18th for 250 points to extend his lead by 400 over Badb0iie. All Steve could now is wait and watch from the clubhouse. Badb0iie needed an 8th place finish to tie and eventually took down 3rd to capture the Points Title. He had already clinched Winnings and his final game finish was icing on the cake!

Badb0iie had a THR leading 7 FT appearances and 2 Freebuy wins!  Good clutch play when needed gave him the edge to take down the Titles this month. Very nice job B0iie and Congratulations!!

King of the Freebuy - MarineCJ

This award is for "Best Performance by a Male in a Supporting Role" and it goes to MarineCJ! He had played in only 15 of the 22 games and what games he had.

Marine made 4 final tables and could have easily made 6 or 7.  The numbers he put up rivaled Badb0iie's and he did all of that without taking down a single win.  

Of the 15 games, Marine had an average position of 26th, which was considerably higher than Badb0iie's at 47th. Had he played a full schedule at that level, he would have had a shot at the title. In fact, just one win would have almost tied him with B0iie. So well played bro! Very nice job!!

Queen of the Freebuy - Runabout

This award is for "Best Performance by a Female in the Turn" and it goes to Runabout. Always lurking behind WoohooSue, it came down to the final game to capture the Points lead.

The last game of the month saw WoohooSue finishing in 8th place and the stage was set. Runabout had to win the Freebuy to pass Sue and that is just what she did! Talk about a wild finish, oh my.

Proud of you Runabout!! Very nice finish and Congratulations!!


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Hold your horses pardner!

You didn't have to be a Kreskin to see what was coming in the Bonanza this month. 

SteelCrafter just blew the competition out of the water in a record breaking month!!

Bonanza Leaderboard Final (November 2018)

Points and Winnings Titles - SteelCrafter

You didn't need a Sharps rifle to see this coming from a mile away. If you did, then you were looking in the wrong direction.  Once this hunter mounted his horse he pretty much was out in front right out of the starting gate.

SteelCrafter had amassed enough points and winnings that he could just walk his horse across the finish line. Virtually 1/3 of his games went head to head of which he won two of those. 

Steel finished with 9495 points and $41.31 in winnings.  He also had a THR Bonanza high 9 Top-6 finishes for the month which included 2 wins, also a high. Since we started tracking results in September these are just record shattering totals. It will be a high bar to beat, if that is even possible. 

The most memorable games had to be the clash between Steel and Shady back in week #3 on a Tuesday and Friday night. In both games Steel and Shady were the addded bounties for the night. And in both games they went heads up at the end. Shady took down Tuesday to capture both bounties and Stell did the same on Friday Having both bounties going head-to-head does not happen that often, if at all. But twice in one week, well that is just mind boggling. 

Congrualations Steel! Very impressive month bro!!

King of the Bonanza - Koa27

This award is for "Best Male Performance in a Recurring Role" and it goes to Koa27.  Pound for pound, Koa is hands-down one of the deadliest gunslingers to hit the Bonanza. He only played in 14 of the 22 games this month and racked up 5755 points & $30.28 of winnings. 

Koa only hit 4 Top-6 finishes, but that is not the important part. Koa is a KO king and averaged $2.16 per game without making the money. The guy was a total assassin in just about every game he drew his pistol in. 

Had Koa played a full roster of games this month, the Winnings title may have gone to him very easily. He did not have points potential to catch Steel in that department, but the dude was on track to break $45 or more in winnings. That is pretty impressive shooting!!

Queen of the Bonanza - Seaeyes

This award is for "Best Female Performance" and it goes to Seaeyes.  This goes without saying, Seaeyes is one of our leading ladies in just about everything she particpates in.

This month in the Bonanza we saw more of the ladies throwing down night after night. Seaeyes played in 16 games this month and held her own against the likes of Steel and Koa. She made the final table 5 times and her highest finish was 2nd. 

Very nice game Sea! And GL in December, hope to see more of ya!


Weekly & Monthly recaps are archived for your viewing pleasure. See the THR Leaderboards site.

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