Freebuy Leaderboard Final (Feb 2019)

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Fupaysic - Points & Winnings Titles

Fupaysick (sickpuppy) came into the night trailing Steve22055 for the points lead. This final game determined their fates.

Steve fell early when his AJ flopped top two pair. RealMrPlow was holding AQ opposite and called Steve down to the river, and it was a Q. Pinche rio! All Puppy needed now was a decent enough finish to overtake him, and he finished well. 

Puppy made his 6th final table finish and took down 5th place. That was enough to send him over the top and capture the Points Title. He picked up an additional $1.59 for that finish and along with it the Winnings Title as well. 

Just have to say this was a pretty sick run by Puppy. In the last 6 games he hit 4 FTs including two consecutive wins for a total of 3235 points & $13.56!! 

Dunner - Man Who Would Be King Award

If we had a "Man Who Would Be King" award that is! This is Steve's second time in the number two slot, but he does it while coordinating bounties, ensuring our little clubhouse is free of riff-raff and serving up a dish of classic rock on Tuesdays! One classy dude big bro!! Very nice run this month.

DamnThtSweet - Queen of the Freebuy

Last but not least,  DamnThtsSweet! Her final table finish last night took down "Queen of the Freebuy" for this month! She narrowly beat out SingMeATune by 120 points. 

This was a tough battle for the ladies this month. Sweet, SingMe & Runabout played a game of seesaw right up to the end. Winnings-wise, all three were pennies apart, but we know it isn't about the money. Just have to say a job well done this month gals! Along with MissPaco and TalkPkr, all of you finished in the top 8% of your fellow freebuy family. Take a bow!!

Congrats to our other leaders too! VGGs all!, it was another fun month!

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Bonanza Leaderboard Final (Feb 2019)

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BenjiSnoopy - Points Title & Queen of the Bonanza

BenjiSnoopy came on like a storm trooper in her final six games. She hit 4 final tables for 1855 points and took down the Points Title. 

She is our Queen of the Bonanza as well. Her goal was simple this month, place high. And if she couldn't do that, place higher! She made THR high 6 final tables & bubbled  twice with an average position of 16.  Consistent play all month earned her this title.

Congrats, very nice job this month Benji!! 

VegasBound - Winnings & KO Titles

Vegas was a total destroyer in the 14 games that he played this month. The Winnings Title was never in doubt as his ROI per game was almost 300%.  Not known for large KO games, he did always come away with a few here and there, 35 in total.

He also had a THR high 6 FT appearances that included two 8 KO Wins. Those wins accounted for about half of his totals -- and the rest was fluff!

Congrats Vegas!! Very nice month.

Weekly & Monthly recaps are archived for your viewing pleasure. See the THR Leaderboards site.

Weekend Bounty Series Final (Feb 2019)

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SteelCrafter took the win in the Saturday Nightcap for $8.80. Combined with his 7th place finish in the Saturday Bounty earlier in the day, he maintained his edge and takes home the Points Title. Steel's points haul for the weekend came to 1925 points. Very nice games Steel and Congrats!!

The_Artist3 made two more top six appearances which brought his total to 8,  the high for this month. He grabbed a total of 1925 points as well, and remained in the number 2 slot. 

And BenjiSnoopy racks up a boatload of points over the weekend. She took down 2nd in the Saturday Bounty for $3.56 and 4th in the Saturday Knockout for $5.70. Combined with her other finishes, she had a total of 2550 points added to her score. She is our Queen Bee Supreme and finished in the number 3 slot on the board. 

VegasBound10 took down the Saturday Knockout for $19.05. That win brings his winnings to $55.92 and takes home the Winnings Title for the month.  

JCuervo took down the Sunday Knockout for $26.62

Jubsnut made his first showing for the weekend and takes down the win in the Sunday Bounty for $8.30! 

Paco777 took down the win in the Sunday Nightcap for $10.00. 

Cruisinman took down the win in the Saturday Bounty for $9.67.

Weekly & Monthly recaps are archived for your viewing pleasure. See the THR Leaderboards site.


B-side/Redux Leaderboard Final (Feb 2019) 

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