December 'twas the season of excitement!!

Titles were up for grabs and

a month of record breaking achievements. 


Freebuy Leaderboard Final (December 2018)

Points & Winnings Titles - RagBully

Ragbully walked away with the titles starting back in week number two when he took down a win in the Freebuy. He went on to hit 8 final tables in 12 games and never looked back. He did hit a slump, but in the final game of the month came back in style when he hit his 9th FT with a 9th place finish. 

Very nice job Rags and Congratulations!!

Queen of the Freebuy - Runabout

This award is for "Best Performance by a Female on the River" and it goes to Runabout. Always lurking behind BenjiSnoopy, her 2nd & 3rd place finishes towards the end gave her the lead by a hair. And it held!!

This is Runabout's second consecutive Title. Proud of you Runabout!! Very nice finish and Congratulations!!

 freebuy points final dec 2018

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Down to the wire!

You had to be a Kreskin to see what was coming in the Bonanza this month. 

Nothing was for certain & we have new Titles to bestow!

Bonanza Leaderboard Final (December 2018)

Points and Winnings Titles - SteelCrafter

For the second month in a row, SteelCrafter took down both Titles again. This time around, he had to earn it however. 

SteelCrafter had trailed behind RagBully for most of the month. Then he went on a tear in the final six games when he hit four final tables, 3 of which were in the top 6 and took over the lead.  

Steel finished with 45 KOs for the month, which is not too shabby. Congrualations Steel! Another great performance!!

KO King of the Bonanza - Badboy23

This is our first award for KO King and it goes to Badboy23 with a total of 52 KOs!! His highest KO count came when he took down a win with 10 KOs on the night back in week three.

Nice shooting pardner!!

Supreme Queen of the Bonanza - MsPaco

This award is for "Supreme Female Performance" and it goes to MsPaco. This was a very phenomenal performance from our little gal.

MsPaco had taken an entire week off and missed some other days as well this month, but her totals went through the roof. Had she played at this level for the entire month, she would have easily taken home the Winnings and KO titles. She would have given both Steel & Rags a run for their money in the Points department as well.

Very nice games Paco!

bonanza points final dec 2018

Weekly & Monthly recaps are archived for your viewing pleasure. See the THR Leaderboards site.

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