It is Thursday, time for Hal and Joy to take to the airwaves @ 9pm ET. The THR $25 GTD Weeknight Freebuy tournament is EVERY Monday through Friday night at ACR that starts at 8:30pm ET. The password for tonight's freebuy at ACR is... clubs... and the bounty info will be shared in the chat room! We have at least 5 games at ACR every day of the week! There is a $500 GTD prize pool for the Friday Night Live tournament from VDOG Poker this Friday at 9pm ET Click the banner above to create an account at VDOG Poker, please use THR as the referral name when registering! Our radio and chat room are always available (password for THR buy-in games at ACR is THR). We look forward to having you join the THR family, playing in the games and hanging out with us in chat!

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