""""" $6M Venom Just One Part of Americas Cardroom's $12M OSS
The Online Super Series (OSS) returns to Americas Cardroom from Nov 20th to Dec 15th with $12 Million in guarantees. The highlight of the OSS is the $6 Million Venom, starting Nov 27th, but there are also two $1 Million tournaments. """""""


The year is fast coming to an end and Americas Cardroom (ACR) isn’t letting go without more big promotions.

Their Online Super Series (OSS) returns from November 20th through December 15th. Imagine 26 days in a row of poker action that will include $12 Million in guaranteed prizes over 151 tourneys.

The OSS interests all players from the amateur to the professional. That’s because there’s a wide variety of game types like NLH, PLO, and PLO8, and a variety of structures like regular, turbo and hyper-turbo events.

Normally there is one $1 Million guaranteed tournament during the OSS. Now there is two. The first is a $540 buy-in beginning on Sunday, December 8th at 3pm ET. The second has a $215 buy-in. This tourney will have 13 Day 1 options starting November 20th and the players who advance will battle it out on Sunday, December 15th at 3pm ET.

The OSS Featured Event will start on November 27th. It’s the $6 Million Venom which comes with a buy-in of $2,650. You can qualify for a fraction of the cost via Step Tournaments, Skip Tournaments, Regular Satellites, Mega Satellites and Cyclones.

Cyclones are basically a fast-paced step tournament starting on November 14th. You can enter any of the seven steps, with the first costing only $0.25. If you win 5,000 chips, you move up to the next step. Finish Step 7 successfully and get a $2,650 Venom seat.

Visit Americas Cardroom for all the details on the Online Super Series and $6 Million Venom.

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