The 666 Drawing Winner & Some Clarifications

Congratulations to Crest the winner of the 666 drawing!! He took home $6.66 on this ghoulish evening.

Thank you to all the people that help spread the word for what turned out to be one of the most successful THR Freebuys of the year.THR would not be here without your enthusiasm and love for the game of poker. So kudos to you all.

Concerning the list, we made every effort to verify Facebook names to THR names. This is not an easy endeavor and in hind-sight, probably will not be an undertaking that we will do again. It was a long and tedious process right from the start. 

One of the major stumbling blocks we discovered early on was the privacy settings on Facebook. If your Facebook page was set to Friends-only, we could not see the Share. We published the list as we knew it for two days prior to the Event to allow people to verify that they were on the list. There were several Private Shares and we amended the list to include them. 

Due to the nature of how the drawing was to be conducted with two random people picking random numbers, the list had to be set in stone when the picks were made. If your Private Share was not made known prior to this, then you were SOL. We are sorry about that, but on the flip-side of that coin is that it was not a Public Share either -- which was our aim from the beginning to get the word out.

Hopefully this will put that matter to rest. And if not, take it up with your spiritual advisor!

Tournament Results - Top 20

A complete wrapup of the tournament, how it affected the Leaderboard and more can be found on the THR Leaderboards page.

1 SlowRollAA $20.50   1000
2 C_MONEY_84 $12.75   800
3 loneCipher $9.00   700
4 Badboy__232323 $6.70   600
5 3heartsholdmine $5.20   550
6 trekmasterACR $3.90   500
7 fml55k $2.90   450
8 Nutsibflopin $2.30   400
9 mrlaufer $1.80   375
10 Shady Slim $1.40   350
11 Dragonking39 $1.40   325
12 ElKapitan $1.40   300
13 Odog36 $1.10   275
14 Full of It $1.10   250
15 riverstar213 $1.10   225
16 Nucleardisaster $0.90   200
17 jmcurley $0.90   175
18 JimboAAkimbo $0.90   150
19 yardbird $0.75   125
20 wickedclown $0.75   100
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