Hello Folks!

As many of you are aware we suffered a catastrophic crash of the website last week.  It's been a major undertaking to get the site back up and running as databases were corrupted.  We are working hard to get the site back so you can visit and hang out with your friends.

With that said, We have the radio playing and the Chat Room is open but is a bit crippled.  You will have to login as a Guest.  To do that simply enter your name that you want to use, Make sure Guest is clicked and hit submit.  That will bring you in to chat.

If you get a Security screen while using Chrome click on Details and click the very bottom of the warning which says " Proceed to unsafe site".  THERE IS NOTHING UNSAFE ABOUT THE SITE FOLKS! Chrome gets carried away with their warnings sometimes.

We hope to see you in chat for tonights Friday Night LIVE and all the games sponsored by Texas Holdem Radio!